Buying a car can be tiring and time-consuming, especially if you need to go from one dealership to another or haggle with owners of used cars. The emergence of mobile apps has made this buying process easier and more efficient.

Best Car-Buying Apps for Android and iPhones

There are several car-buying apps that you can use for both Android phones and iPhones to make your purchase easier. When you buy a used car, make sure to look for an extended warranty. It would help to read online articles like Endurance warranty reviews before purchasing. Below are some of these apps.

1. Autotrader

If you’re considering both dealerships and private sellers for your next car, the Autotrader app could be the app for you. You can use it to find the vehicle of your choice among dealerships near you. The car-buying app has a database of over 40,000 car dealers.

You can also turn to Autotrader to browse more than 250,000 ads from private sellers. Its vast selection will save you a lot of time from going around to look for deals. The app verifies the car descriptions posted by the sellers to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.


Another app that caters to a broader audience of buyers is Similar to Autotrader, is not a dealership but rather a tool to help you find dealerships that sell what you need. However, the app focuses on traditional dealerships, so only a tiny percentage of the ads are from private sellers.

The app’s design is user-friendly, and you can spend less time browsing through the results by using the filters available on the app. Among these filters are make, model, and price.


One of the major concerns when buying a used car is accident history. Not every private seller will be honest about past accidents, potentially impacting your insurance cost in the future. Thankfully, the CARFAX app requires an accident history report for cars sold on the platform.

As a buyer, you would want to know if the car you wanted to buy has been in a collision or repaired because issues may come up eventually. The vehicle’s repair history can also give you insight into how much the car is worth.

4. CarMax

Used car retailer CarMax created a mobile app to simplify things for its customers. You can use it to find the CarMax branch near you and view the available cars at these locations. The app even lets you scan window stickers to obtain information about vehicles on display when you visit a CarMax dealership.

The app lets you save your car searches and get alerts on price cuts or if CarMax has already sold your saved cars so you can search for new ones. It also sends out recommendations for recent matches for your saved search on the platform.

5. Edmunds

Buyers who are not fans of haggling for used cars can use the Edmunds app to get the best deal for a particular vehicle. You can also use the app to access detailed pricing projections based on the make and model of a car.

The Edmunds app also has a feature that enables you to find exact pricing on similar vehicles available in the area. For those looking to buy a brand-new car, the app also has a “true market value” indicator feature you can use.


Take advantage of these mobile apps to make your car-buying experience efficient and enjoyable at the same time. Before finalizing your purchase, be sure you know all the relevant information about the car and the seller so you won’t have any regrets afterward.

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