Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps To Locate Lost Mobile Devices


People spend a huge amount of time on their mobile phones. Some people use phones for work and keep a lot of sensitive data. Others prefer to play games or take thousands of pictures. Regardless, mobile phones are an inseparable part of people’s lives, and losing them is a painful and upsetting experience. But fortunately, there are some ways to find and recover a lost phone. Check out the best free apps to track a cell phone location when you lose your device.

Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps To Locate Lost Mobile Devices

1.  Find My Device And Find My Apps

The best method for Android phone owners to locate their devices is using the Find My Device service by Google. When you lose your phone, sign in to your Google account on another device, open the browser, and type “Find My Device.” The service will display your phone’s location on the map and offer several functions – Play Sound, Secure Device, or Erase Device.

Find My has almost the same features but is designed exceptionally for Apple users only. The application also allows sharing the location with friends, locating the phone even when it’s offline, and seeing the last location when the battery is low.

2.  GEOFinder

GEOFinder is a geolocation tracking application able to find a phone regardless of the mobile operator. However, unlike most tracking apps that use mobile data and GPS, GEOFinder uses the phone number to locate the phone.

You can track a phone anonymously or identify yourself, depending on your intentions. The application is compatible with all mobile operators and ensures worldwide coverage if the phone is connected to the Internet. It’s one of the few solutions to trace all phones regardless of their brands. And most importantly, GEOFinder complies with the legislation according to which one can track another person’s location only with the latter’s consent.

3.  mSPY

mSPY claims to be the number one cell phone tracking solution. It can do more than simply locate a stolen or lost mobile device. The solution can monitor phone calls, search history, social media chats, text messages, and files. According to an official report, the application has 1.5 million customers who use mSPY daily.

Its GPS tracking feature can show the target phone’s address and display it on an easy-to-read map. For more accurate tracking, the app also shows the longitude and latitude of the phone. mSPY has become the favorite app of parents who need a solution for detecting the precise location of children.

4.  TeenSafe

TeenSafe offers high-quality phone tracking services. Usually, the application is used for parental control, but it can also effectively detect the location of a lost mobile device. Its unique system uses several technologies such as Wi-Fi, SIM card, and GPS to locate the target phone. Then, you can view the address either on a map or a 3D street view. Besides the address, TeenSafe also shows the latitude and longitude and the time when the device was detected at that address.

Besides the real-time location, the application also shows the location history. So, you can start from the last location you used your phone and see how and in which direction it moved. In addition, it will give you some ideas on where to start your search from.

5.  uMobix

uMobix is a comprehensive cell phone tracking tool that can detect the location of a target device, among other things. Parents mostly use this solution to view their children’s whereabouts in real-time and get insights into their latest activities.

Make sure to install the app on your Android device beforehand. After losing your device, you won’t be able to install uMobix remotely. Unlike Android devices, iPhones can be tracked if you know the target phone’s iCloud credentials. But it isn’t worth risking. Make sure to set up the location tracker beforehand.


To sum it up, losing your phone is not as scary as it used to be because there are now many ways to find it. Find My Device by Google or Find My by Apple are the most effective options for tracking a phone’s location. But there are other free and paid tracking applications as well. You can find detailed information on various tracking apps on TopSpyingApps.

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