Best Cheap MP3 player 2020 Offers & Comparison


If you want to know what people buy the most when they are looking for: “MP3 player” you are in the right place? The page below will allow you to go to the site that sells the most popular products of the moment.

Best Cheap MP3 player 2020 Offers & Comparison

With its small size, its great autonomy or the quality of the sound it returns, the Mp3 player seduces. Many prefer to bring these players fiio x1 vs x3 as they have musical characteristics far superior to what you can find in a smartphone.

If you are ready to equip yourself with this little machine that is extremely practical in everyday life, there are several parameters to consider before choosing the device that will accompany you for many years.

The models of MP3 players on the market are multifunctional and will more or less adapt to the use you want to do. Whether your Mp3 player serves you occasionally or every day, you will carefully look at the different functions of the available devices before making your choice. The best Mp3 player is not universal: it is the one that exactly meets your needs.

For your convenience, we have reviewed several models of Mp3 players. Of these devices, you will probably find one that is perfectly suited to your use. If you are still wondering which the best Mp3 player for you is, the following will interest you.

What is the best cheap MP3 player?

·     Apple iPod Touch 7 – The best mp3 player


  • Good light
  • Built-in camera
  • Intuitive and responsive touch interface


  • Plays only Mp3 and Mp4 formats

Latest iteration date for the Apple brand: the Ipod Touch 7 has something to seduce you. It is the best Mp3 player to carry all those pieces that make up the soundtrack of its days.

Ergonomic, its aluminum casing (recyclable!) Covers the back and the slices, which makes the device shock resistant. Plus, it comes in five beautiful colors that will allow you to add your personal touch to this purchase.

Its design is compact and slim, weighing only 88 grams. Medium in size, this little Apple gem will easily find its place in a pair of pants pocket and can become a foolproof running companion.

One of the important qualities of the ipod nano 8th generation is the ease of use of the device. In fact, it is modeled on Apple’s smartphone model, which will make your navigation intuitive. Soon you will be able to install the applications you want and organize your music library.

Side technical sheet, a novelty: the A10 Fusion. This little chip is a real treasure. Doubles the performance of the new iPod Touch, making it smoother and faster. The graphics are three times more accurate than the old one and for the most tech-savvy you can even play augmented reality games.

The price is almost identical to the Ipod Touch 6 with the difference that the storage capacity (they) has been doubled, allowing you to load 32 GB of multimedia content.

On the battery side, the Ipod Touch 7 offers 40 hours of autonomy to listen to music, but navigates little. It charges very fast in just 2 hours.

In addition to multifunctionality such as wifi, Bluetooth, FM tuner, high-quality camera or SIRI, the Ipod Touch 7 is a classic, aesthetic and reliable, which makes it the best MP3 player according to us.

·      SanDisk Clip Sport Plus – Very good for running


  • Its small price (less than 100 Euros)
  • Its minimal size and weight.
  • Its resistance to water


  • No SD card port

The SanDisk Clip Sport Plus is without a doubt one of the leading Mp3 players of the moment: with an unbeatable size and weight, it can be carried around easily, making it the best Mp3 player running (or shooting with bow) clears). A perfect daily companion for the athletes among you.

In fact, the device is small. Measuring 1.73 x 4.42 x 6.6 centimeters, it is about the size of a small eraser. A real password that weighs only 36 grams and clips onto all your clothing!

Available in six different colors, you can choose the model according to your taste. In terms of use, the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 player has two side keys to adjust the volume and another six to move through the menus and select the actions or audio tracks to play. In short, after a few minutes of handling, using this Mp3 player is very simple.

With its small color and touch screen, you can navigate menus, select files or different settings, and track battery charge status. This gives you 10 hours of autonomy: what you do good sports sessions.

You can download music, audio books, podcasts thanks to its sufficient storage (16 GB), while maintaining the possibility of listening to the radio. Coming with included lightweight earphones but with a Bluetooth connection, this little device has something to suit your mode of operation and the needs of the sport you play.

Yes, do not worry with the Sandisk Clip Jam vs Sport, it is the most robust device of our selection: resistant to water and dust, it can accompany you for any type of sport: hiking MTB jogging in the rain.

In short, the mini MP3 player combines the advantages: many functions, small dimensions, practical clamp and small screen. Easy to use, it will perfectly meet your expectations if you are looking for a small and cheap device, offering good sound quality and that. Set your music sessions or other activities to music. This is clearly the best Mp3 player under 100 Euros.

·     Mansso Mp3 Player – The best for less than € 30


  • Its small price (less than 30 Euros)
  • Its large screen design
  • Very good autonomy (55 hours)


  • Low internal memory (8 GB)

This black Mp3 player will be appreciated by all fans of the high-tech, low-price universe. The Mansso brand offers us here a walkman model that offers at the same time the basic functionalities of the best Mp3 players, but also a design and a more than interesting price, at less than 30 Euros.

With its slim, black and sleek look, the Mansso has a large touchscreen that borders its edges and covers the entire face of the device. Compared to its delicacy, the battery is powerful and will accompany you for up to 55 hours straight for just 2 hours of charging time.

Mansso Mp3 Player does not save to its internal memory, which is only 8 GB. That said, if you are a great music lover and your library exceeds 8 GB, you can increase it with a micro TF card available soon 4 Euros on the internet.

It also has an FM radio antenna and an e-book reader (.txt format) – enough to vary the pleasures while using this handy display!

It has the particularity of being equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, which offers a faster transmission speed, allowing you to listen to music through a Bluetooth speaker or headset. Plus, its digital noise reduction chip ensures a high-quality audio experience.

In addition, the Mansso surprises with many of its small additional features that will be very practical every day. In fact, it has a built-in alarm that can serve as a daily alarm clock, but also what to make voice recordings or track your appointments through your calendar.

With one of the best quality / price ratios on the market, the Mansso Mp3 Player has something to appeal too many: if you don’t want to spend too much and have a reliable player that stays on the road, this is the one for you!

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