Best Companions for Your Phone

As long as you’re using your phone for everyday tasks, why not pair it up with some essential accessories? Here are 3 to get you started.


A tough iPhone 14 case gives your investment a second skin and wards off scratches, bumps, and even a fall to the ground. If you’re environmental-conscious then a colorettocase will be the perfect product.

Best Companions for Your Phone

Protective characteristics aside, you can also opt for a changeable phone case, one that allows you to change the cover to suit your clothes, mood, and occasion. Coloretto Case products have a magnetic cover and card holder so you don’t have to bring your wallet with you on short trips and night outs.

Power Bank

A power bank can effectively double, or even triple your current smartphone’s battery capacity. Modern power banks are now lighter and more compact than ever, and the space they take up on your bag or backpack will be worth it.

Power banks act as a utility accessory for your other devices as well, including your headphones or earphones, USB-powered tools, and others. You can choose from a wireless charger or one that has a greater capacity and fast-charging options.

Smart Watch

A smart watch is an excellent companion to a mobile phone in many aspects. It’s like having an extended screen that’s conveniently located on your wrist. In several cases, the smart watch can even be used to pay for public transit with a tap.

You can get important notification emails, as well as texts and calls on a smaller display. For fitness enthusiasts, they can get readings on metrics such as miles walked or ran, heart rate, blood pressure, and duration of exercise.

Most smartwatches today are swim-proof and can survive being dunked on water. They also come in custom bands and accessories for styling and personalization.