Even if you’re running a huge email marketing campaign or simply communicating via email, your aesthetic signature is important. The way you close your email will influence how your receivers remember you. Every day, more than 300 emails are sent and received around the world. That’s 300 chances to advertise yourself and your company in each email you send.

Best Email Signature Design Examples

It is an opportunity to express yourself as a person, a professional, and a business. Your brand values will be communicated through your colors, typography, and design, which will be consistent with the rest of your visual media.

1.   Affiliation Information

Your association information should appear immediately after your name. Your job title, firm or organization, and/or department could all be considered affiliations. Therefore, when you get to know the recipient, your name should eventually stand on its own. Yet, sharing this information gives the dialogue and your part in it more context.

2.   Template Generator

The best and quick thing is to go for an email template generator. It is efficient yet quick and easy to achieve. A template creator can provide you with the well designed email signatures that will attract more customers and thus bear better results.

3.   Keep the Graphic Design Simple

It is important to understand that clustering your email with graphic icons can lead to confusion. The best is to keep it simple and less crowded. It will give a clear message that you are quite confident about what you offer and sell.


What should be an adequate length of an email signature?

Brief and basic email signatures are best appreciated by the audience. Thus, keep you email 4 to 5 lines and that too should be your basic information, for example, your full name, what you offer, and how to contact you.

Should I stress more about my name in my email signature?

No doubt, bold lettering in your email signature is a wonderful idea. It lets the audience focus on the highlighted information, which might be your name, firm description, position, or others. It will naturally draw attention to the desired information. You can also emphasize a part of your text more by italicizing it.

What should the color of my email signature be?

Blue and black are the most popular colors for pretty email signatures since they are calm and classy. Yet, as long as it isn’t too showy, you can use any hue that best communicates your mood, the company’s objective, and the appropriate call to action.

What should not be in my email signature?

Your email signature should not contain any needless piece of information that would clutter it up. This could include:

  • Religious, political, and extremist statements
  • Confusing sayings
  • Links to inactive social media accounts
  • Certifications are pointless.
  • Image files that are excessively large
  • Fonts in a variety of bright colors might lead to distraction.


The most effective professional email signature reflects who you are within and outside of the workplace. Once you’ve included your contact information, the remainder of your email signature is a blank canvas for you to express yourself in every business email you send. Equipped with these best practices for email signatures, you can develop a signature that resonates with your brand and provides your emails with a little something extra attention. Go through this article at least thrice to better understand the Do’s and Don’ts.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.