Best Finance and Investment Apps

Investing is one of the best ways to make money. By being smart, taking a little risk, and knowing the market, you can easily make a lot of money, which can be used for a variety of purposes. At first, glance, investing is not a simple matter, but today there are a huge number of resources and apps that can help anyone understand all the nuances.

Investors do not need to read cumbersome reviews by analysts or monitor stock exchange quotes in the terminal. A smartphone and the right apps are enough.

Best Finance and Investment Apps

In our review, we have collected the most useful in our opinion apps for everyone, who is either just trying or is already confident in investing.

Investment mobile apps are improved every year to attract new investors who want to tap into the stock market. Convenient apps offer bargains to buy stocks without commissions. Even seasoned investors will find ways to save money and improve their financial portfolios.


We begin our review with a news app from one of the world’s most trusted sources of investment news, Bloomberg. The information component is the most important part of investing. Bloomberg is an indispensable tool for every investment professional.

All you need is a free app on your mobile device. Videos, analytics from the most influential investment houses, as well as issuer news and quotes with the ability to add to your watchlist.

Seeking Alpha

Another news app on our list is Seeking Alpha, named after one of the Greek letters. The app is available in both paid and free versions and in addition to financial news, it also provides in-depth research on the entire spectrum of publicly traded stocks and actively managed funds.

In this app, you will have everything available and accessible to you so that you don’t lose any detail of the current financial panorama and thus, invest in your portfolio in the best possible way.

Trading View

An indispensable application for anyone who invests, trades, or is simply interested in financial markets. Users can view quotes for a very wide list of assets: from cryptocurrencies to stocks and commodities.

In addition, there is a section with trading ideas from other users and an analog of a trading chat with participants. The website of the same name adds a newsfeed, fundamental statistics on issuers, the ability to test trading strategies, a stock screener, and much more.


The app will be useful for bond investors. Given that debt securities form the basis of any conservative portfolio, we recommend it for a wide range of users. There are several formats of use, including paid access to all information, but even the demo version, available without registration, has excellent functionality.

First of all, Cbonds allows you to search for bonds by specified criteria, for example by country of issue, yield, term to maturity, duration, and the credit rating of reliability. It is also possible to get all the necessary information on each issue, monitor the securities of interest via watchlist, and watch the news of the debt market.


JStock is not the most popular, but still one of the most reliable investment apps. It supports 28 different stock markets, features to analyze your stocks, and even a history chart dating back ten years, so you can check your stock history. Of course, you can also manage your portfolio and dividends. If you upgrade to premium, you get cloud storage integration, unlocked features, and unlimited features from the free version. There’s also a news section if you want to keep up with the latest news. It’s worth a try.