Best Free Mobile Banking App for iPhones

Making an ATM withdrawal without a chip card would have seemed like a magician’s trick a generation ago. Today, consumers have come to expect such functionality thanks to advancements in banking technologies. This transformation has been largely fueled by an increasing desire by the modern consumer to bank on the go.   

Mobile banking has come a long way in recent years from a time when mobile check deposit was considered a cutting-edge feature to now when mobile-only banks are on the rise. At the center of this revolution are mobile banking apps. There are all kinds of mobile banking apps for the iPhone in the market today.

mobile banking apps for iPhone

AI-driven financial planners, ATM locators, financial wellness and budgeting platforms, and digital wallets are some of the roles that mobile banking apps have taken up. The iPhone app store features some of the most powerful financial apps available today. Some of these apps offer a range of financial capabilities built on great app experiences. The best part however is that they are free.

Here is a candid review of the best free mobile banking app from the app store. 

1. Capital One Mobile

Apple users give this app a 4.9 star rating out of five for good reason. It is packed with a load of functionalities. The Capital One app gives access to all possible accounts. One can log in securely using their fingerprint and view their accounts on an apple watch.

The app also allows its users to keep track of their credit score as well as redeem credit card rewards. By setting up instant push notifications, one can be able to keep track of their purchase and credit history. Its security features include allowing users to lock and unlock their Capital One cards as well as report fraud directly from the app.  

2. Bank of America

Bank of America mobile banking app ranks highly for its security features. The app allows customers to verify transaction activity if their bank detects suspicious activity. They can also report fraudulent mobile banking transactions to the Bank within 60 days of the transaction and avoid liability.

In addition to security features, the app allows users to order for a replacement card and activate it. When traveling, one won’t have to experience lack of funds since the app allows them to establish travel notices for eligible accounts.

3. Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo mobile banking app is arguably the best mobile banking app for monitoring investments. In addition to the basic checking and savings accounts, the app enables one to invest in securities like mutual funds and stocks. Users can easily track their investments on the app, receive market data and real-time quotes to guide them in their investment decisions.

Cardless ATM access is another notable functionality that users of the app get to enjoy.

4. Chime

Chime bank offers online-only banking built around its stellar mobile banking app. Then app stands out from other mobile banking apps for iphones for its exceptional user experience but its more than just another pretty app. It offers its users a range of advantages including cardless access to thousands of ATMs in the national MoneyPass network.

One can set up real-time transaction notifications and daily balance alerts to help  keep track of their finances.

5. Chase Mobile

Chase mobile banking app provides a seamless way to manage payments online. Customers can pay their bills on the app, schedule credit card, mortgage and other loan payments and transfer money via Zelle. The app gives them access to most of their accounts from checking to investments. It also enables one to reload their Chase Liquid debit card and access their TransUnion credit score.

6. Apple Pay

And of course, there’s Apple Pay. It is one of the simplest ways to make money transactions on an iPhone. One can load their credit cards on their iPhone and make secure, contactless payments. Many retailers accept this form of payment in today’s society. Users can also pay for food at a fast-food restaurant such as McDonald’s (learn how here) and then book a room with Airbnb.  

Travel, fashion, groceries, restaurants, and even sports stores all accept the native iPhone payment app.    And this can be linked with most top mobile banking apps to transfer money.

What The Consumer Wants

With the high number of free mobile banking apps for your iPhone today, it’s hard to imagine that money transfer features on phones were once considered cutting edge. Now customers expect seamless mobile banking from their iPhones. As consumer demand continues to drive innovation in mobile banking, users can count on more functionality from mobile banking apps. There is a wide range of free mobile banking apps for iPhones. One’s choice depends on what feature they value most from security to investment.

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