The internet has a lot of benefits, one of which is free music. There are several websites that allow you to download music for free, but not all of them are legitimate.

Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs

As a result, if you’re seeking songs that can be downloaded securely and for free, we’ve compiled a list of the best free music sites in 2022 for you.

Best Free Music Download Websites

We’ve compiled a list of 18 websites to download music from the internet, based on your feedback. There are several websites where you may listen to music for free; however, we’ve chosen just fifteen of them.

Here’s a list of our best 18 sites, in no particular order. The list is sorted alphabetically, not symbolizing anything in particular.

1. SoundCloud

Download free songs and music from SoundCloud

Spotify and SoundCloud are two of the most famous music sites, both of which allow you to listen to an infinite amount of music for free. It is also regarded as the finest Spotify alternative where you can listen to music online without spending money.

The material is provided by independent artists and well-known musicians in this online music streaming community. In the search bar, you may look for songs using bands or artist tags. SoundCloud was also recently added to our list of India’s best music streaming services. It offers a relatively small yet enjoyable collection of remix Hindi songs that may be downloaded for free.

How to download free songs on Soundcloud?

Some music on SoundCloud is not free, and you must Like a Facebook page to gain access to it. However, many of them may be obtained immediately by clicking the Free Download button below the soundtrack..

2. ReverbNation


The success of bands like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars, and Imagine Dragons is due in large part to this music site. It was at ReverbNation that they first received attention for sharing their music for free and amassing a huge fan base. In 2022, one of the finest free song downloading sites on the internet offering a wide range of genres, but particularly known for pop, alternative, and hip-hop.

This website now serves over 4 million artists, labels, and consumers and provides a great user experience to music enthusiasts thanks to its enormous collection. For those who want to learn more, the music website’s Discover section has a decent selection of audio songs available for download.

How to download free songs on ReverbNation?

On the Reverbnation search page, type in a song name or an artist’s name. Click “Refine Results” on the left-hand side to display the option. [Make sure that the type is set to Artist for the Free MP3s Required choice to show].

On the right side, you’d see a list of the free music. If you click on the name of any album, a new page will open with a tiny download symbol in front of the free downloadable songs. Simply click download to begin!

3. Jamendo


You can safely download music from Jamendo Music since all of the songs have been uploaded under a Creative Commons license. All of the material on this website is independent music, so if you’re looking for popular tracks, you’ll most likely have to look elsewhere or pay for it.

Jamendo is best for music enthusiasts, as they offer well-curated playlists and radio stations that are always updated. This free music download website also has a broad collection at reasonable costs if you want to license music for your video, commercial, or film.

4. SoundClick


In 2022, SoundClick will be the most popular place to get music from various artists’ profiles. The site has a number of musicians who offer their work for free. Unlike other sites, you may legally buy licensed songs or download free music on SoundClick.

Users may choose from more than six hundred songs in a number of genres and listen to them for free by picking the type of rhythms and instrumentals they wish to hear. SoundClick allows you to stream without signing up, but it also enables you to download music after you have signed up on the site.

After several years of steady streaming, last month SoundCloud threw in the towel and shut down its paid-streaming service. It’s unclear if they’ll ever re-enter the market, but they did reveal that they’re thinking about it. Their new UI is less cluttered than it was previously, making it easier to navigate. Unfortunately, they’ve removed some of the unique functionality available before, such as creating your own radio stations or interacting with others on the forum.

5. Audiomack


Audiomack is a new music sharing service with an easy-to-use design that makes it the ideal SoundCloud competitor. This free music download site is a meeting place for musicians, labels, and music enthusiasts to discover fantastic recordings.

It’s packed with features that make it an excellent choice for anybody from music enthusiasts to casual listeners. The most popular songs are listed in the top section, and this is where you’ll find a huge range of genres represented. The best-selling albums and current tracks are also featured in the main part of the app. There are several other sections such as Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums that enable you to discover fantastic songs. The real-time trending music area has the most popular Hip Hop, Electronic, and Reggae tracks available right now, making it extremely popular among young people.

There are a few songs on Audiomack that aren’t free, but many artists provide their music for download. But you may listen to an unlimited number of songs through the website using a desktop computer or through the free iOS and Android app.

6. Audionautix


The author, who goes by the name of Jayson Shaw, is a music composer from Australia. He released Audionautix as a free MP3 music download service in order to distribute his own compositions for free and allow you to download them without breaking copyright law.

All of the music categories are represented appropriately in its user-friendly design. Simply hit the download button to get MP3 songs for free, selecting your preferred genre as you go. This site’s music collection may be searched by genre, tempo, and other keywords. You have the option of streaming music on this site based on “moods.”

The best thing is that Audionautix is one of the finest free music websites, allowing you to download music without signing up or forcing you to like any Facebook page, which is not uncommon on other legal music download sites in 2022.

All you have to do is give credit to the artist for using the free MP3 music in a video after downloading it from Audionautix.

7. NoiseTrade


NoiseTrade offers a wide range of music by several artists who encourage you to explore their works. If you enjoy the song, you may also support them by making a donation.

The music on this site is entirely free and legal to listen to. However, the music can be streamed in part, and in order to obtain complete access or download an album, you must provide your email address and postal code.

The first step is to drag and drop your song into a Music folder. When you’re done, the album will be downloaded as a ZIP file that contains all of the MP3 songs. Finding new music on NoiseTrade is also simple. Just browse through the Popular Trends section or Top Downloads to find what you’re looking for.

8. Beatstars


Another of the free MP3 music download sites I’ve lately come across is Beatstars. To begin, I’d want to point out the site’s clean and elegant UI, which includes a night mode. This site’s most useful feature is that all free and legal music downloads may be obtained from here by using this link.

However, you must provide your email address in order to download the music for free. A download link will be delivered to your inbox after you do this. You may be required to like an artist’s profile or subscribe to their YouTube channel on occasion. However, sites that allow you to get music for free are not unusual.

On Beatstars, you may filter songs by genre, moods, top sellers, current trends, and most recent. If you enjoy a particular song type, such as beats or vocals, you may apply filters to locate it even more easily.

9. Free Amazon Music Store

Free Amazon Music Store

You can listen to millions of free music downloads without an Amazon Prime membership, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get access to millions more. It goes without saying that in order to reap these advantages, you must pay money or sign up for a trial.

There’s another approach to get free music from Amazon’s site that many of you are probably unaware of. The songs on the company’s free music page in the Digital Music section can be downloaded if you go to the firm’s website and search for “free music.”

You’ll need an account to access these songs, just like with the other Amazon music benefits previously mentioned. You may also collect all of the desired songs in one go by placing them in a shopping basket and checking out only once.

10. Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

Download free songs and music from Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

The audio area of the ‘Internet Archive’ not only offers you free music, but it also has audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs, and live performances. More than two million free digital audio files are available in the audio library.

Despite the fact that the songs are not well organized, music fans can sort the audio tracks by year of publication, creator, language, and other parameters such as most popular, media type, themes & topics. These classifications might be perplexing at first glance, but diligent searching may still surface some amazing music.

I was able to find free music downloads from a variety of artists and even popular, mainstream tunes such as Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Coldplay, and Kendrick Lamar. The best news is that you may download music securely and for free in numerous file formats including MP3 and OGG.

11. DatPiff

Download free songs and music from DatPiff

Everyone who is a fan of hip-hop music should go to this MP3 download site, which has a wide selection of mixtapes, in 2022. I’m not sure when we last had mixtapes; as a ’90s kid, I recall the excitement surrounding them.

There are several unique compilations on this free song download site, including freestyle raps over popular instrumentals by other artists. On this website, you’ll usually discover artists such as Curren$y providing free music to thank their devoted followers.

The greatest feature of DatPiff is that it frequently provides free songs from well-known musicians like as Drake, Lil Wayne, French Montana, and others. The site also allows you to download new tapes, view release schedules, listen to fan-made compilation albums, and read music industry news from a news aggregator.


Download free songs and music from was founded in 2002 as an internet radio station, but it began functioning as a social network in 2005 after Audioscrobbler took the site over.

The company partnered with radio stations to offer a music recommendation service that gathers data from a variety of media players and music streaming websites to build tailored personal profiles based on each user’s musical preferences and listening patterns.

Many individuals are unaware that is one of the greatest websites to get songs for free. You may examine the “Free Music Downloads” link at the bottom of the page or click here to check out the list of downloadable songs.

13. CCTrax

Download free songs and music from CCTrax

Songs on CCTrax are available as Creative Common music, making it a free and secure way to acquire music. The website has a nice design with categories for licensing, genre, label, and artist to help you find what you’re looking for.

There is no account creation required to listen to or download songs from the site, which has a large number of music genres such as Electronica, Dub, Techno, Ambient, and others. However, you may listen to or download the tracks without creating an account; furthermore, you have the choice of obtaining the complete album at once.

14. YouTube Music

Download free songs and music from YouTube Music

In 2022, YouTube Music will be the most popular site on the internet, with unrestricted video streaming. Many of us also use it as a music service because it contains almost every type of song imaginable.

However, obtaining music from YouTube Music is difficult because not all songs on the site are downloadable. You can search for songs based on your desired genre and setting a Creative Commons license filter if you don’t want them all.

Music with a Creative Commons license is free and secure to download, although you may need to credit the artist before using it in your video or other platforms.

YouTube Music is specially designed for listening to music, compared to YouTube videos. For your information, YouTube is also owned by the world’s larger search engine, that is Google.

15. Free Music on Google Play Store

Free Music on Google Play Store

The Google Play Store, like Amazon’s, has long been a place where people could get free and legal music downloads. However, on February 24, 2021, Google Play Music was shut down permanently, so if you have already stored songs here, you should move your favorite tunes to YouTube for free as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, just go to the Play Store and search for “free music,” which will show you songs, artists, and albums in various categories. You may also choose to view more free music by clicking the “See More” link.

16. Pandora Radio

Download free songs and music from Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is a music streaming service that is available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It offers a wide range of songs that can be streamed or downloaded for free. The songs on Pandora Radio are available in MP3 320kbps format.

The website also has a section called Pandora Premium, which is a collection of songs that are available for free download. You may also find exclusive content on the Pandora Radio website, such as live concerts and DJ sets.

17. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is another excellent resource for free music downloads. It has a library of over 36,000 songs that can be streamed or downloaded without having to create an account. The songs on this website are provided by independent artists and are available under Creative Commons licenses.

The website also has a section called FMA Live, which is a collection of live concerts and DJ sets that can be streamed or downloaded for free. You may also find exclusive content on the Free Music Archive’s YouTube channel.

18. Bandcamp

Download free songs and music from Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an independent music website that allows artists to sell their music directly to fans. It also offers a wide range of free downloads from various genres of music. The songs on Bandcamp are available under different license types, such as Creative Commons licenses and public domain licenses.

The website also has a feature called Bandcamp Weekly, which is a weekly compilation of songs from different artists that are available for free download. You may also find exclusive content on the Bandcamp website, such as live concerts and DJ sets.

These are some of the best free music websites to download songs in 2022. All of these websites offer a wide range of songs that can be streamed or downloaded for free. So, if you’re looking for some new music to listen to, then be sure to check out these websites.

Listen to free music in 2022

Prime Music and Apple Music, for example, offer free trials that allow you to sample and download songs. You may also try out Spotify or any other music streaming service.

Returning to completely free solutions, the preceding list includes the greatest places where you can discover an unlimited amount of songs for free. However, I’d want to note that not all musical tracks on these sites are free, as several of them are paid and only accessible for streaming through a third-party service.

How to download music for free?

There are a lot of individuals who are unfamiliar with free music sites. To assist you, I’ve compiled the following list of the top free music download websites in 2022. Simply go to the links provided below and search for download icons to acquire your free music downloads. These websites will simply take one click to provide you with free music downloads.

Download free music and start grooving!

In 2022, you might ask why download free music when you may just stream it. Streaming internet music is fun, but what happens if your mobile network connection or Wi-Fi goes down? That’s where offline music comes in handy, and the best part is that it’s free to carry anywhere.

This is why I’ve included some of the aforementioned websites in order of simplicity and popularity. On the other hand, the Internet Archive is the greatest music download site because it has a large number of artists. If you don’t like it, SoundCloud is the ideal location to get music without breaking any copyright laws.

Best sites to download Hindi songs for free and legally

The majority of the websites on this list offer English MP3 music, with the exception of SoundCloud, which has a modest but decent number of Hindi songs. I discovered that many readers search for free and legal sites to download Hindi songs recently. That idea occurred to me as well, so I might cover it in another essay.

Free Music Download FAQs

  1. What is the best site to download free music?

    There are numerous places to get free music in 2022, such as SoundCloud, Jamendo, Beatstars, and others. You may use the list above to discover songs for free.

  2. How to download free music?

    You must check to see whether a website you're visiting on your phone or computer is legal. Websites like Jamendo, SoundCloud, and are excellent resources for new and aspiring artists. If you don't have a particularly fast internet connection, I recommend using a download manager program.

  3. Should I use VPN to download free songs?

    If you're visiting a website that is 100% legal, you don't need to use a VPN or other technology to hide your identity. Nonetheless, you may utilize these tools for security online at any time.

  4. How do I download music from a website for free?

    Visit sites that offer downloads and look for the track.

  5. Which is the safest site to download free music?

    SoundCloud, YouTube Music, and the Internet Archive are reliable places to look for audio.

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