Best iOS Emulators 2019

Apple’s most significant invention iPhone runs on iOS software, and millions of consumers are looking for best iOS emulator 2019. The emulator also is known as a simulator that designed 20 years ago so that the consumers can enjoy console gaming on a PC. Over the years, the technology and concept mimicked different environment such as gaming console, Linux OS, Android OS, and now iOS platform. Only a few handfuls of iOS emulators are available in the web market because Apple patented the software, and they added a strong security layer to the IPSW file.

Why Apple Rejected iOS Emulator Concept?

Apple is a premium manufacturer that releases high-end laptops, computers, portable music players, smart watches, and smartphones. The company created an eco-system called iOS + macOS compatibility, which enables the consumers to communicate on cross-platform.

Best iOS Emulators 2019

The iOS emulator concept can ruin the core meaning of PREMIUM devices. iOS and macOS software is an important aspect of the entire business, and people would not purchase their expensive products when you can get it at a lower price. Overall, Apple continuously keeps a check on the technology infringement so that they can continue manufacturing premium products to the masses.

3 Top Best iOS Emulators 2019

The most valuable company allows testing software for the developers so that they can put an in-depth test on the newer applications for iTunes or App Store. Here we cover top 3 iOS Emulator but if you want to get more lists you can find it on iTechCliq website.

a) Xamarin.iOS

Xamarin is an emulator developing company, who were able to release a stable version testing program. The testing tool created for developers who want to test iOS apps without a physical phone. The technology and coding behind the Xamarin iOS recognized by Apple, and they acquired it a few years back.

Of course, the iOS emulator does not replace the original device, but if you want to run IPA applications, then it is a good virtual machine. The readers can experience the latest iOS 13 on the platform, and it supports Apple TV at the same time.

In case, if you have an app for watchOS, and you want to play around with the new features, then Xamarin bundled with immense potential. Microsoft covered an in-depth installation, setup and exploring the iOS emulator on the official site.

Check out Xamarin.iOS


The “” is a web application developed a group of intelligent developers. Initially, macOS + iOS requires suitable hardware to run smoothly, which Windows machine cannot replace it. The “Appetize” developer team created a powerful virtual machine connected to the website. Create a new account and upload.IPA files directly to the virtual iPhone to run it.

Remember, the concept designed for app developers for testing purposes and different phases of development. I do not recommend a common consumer to start uploading applications and compromise privacy. The “Appetize” offers 100 minutes of streaming time for apps so that you can give it a shot.

Check out

c) Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is a Windows PC program designed for testing application on Windows desktop-environment. EMS is not a freeware, but you get full product trial for 7 days, thus making it a worthy commodity. The program developed to perform high-end tasks that iPhone, iPad, and watchOS can mimic it.

Windows 10 is a home operating system for EMS because it offers integrated WebKit and Chrome debugging tools for the developers. Microsoft released Visual Studio features for Windows PC hardware, which makes it easier for the developers to run iOS apps on the desktop environment.

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Bottom Line

I lost faith in several iOS emulators because they don’t provide reliable features and stability is a significant issue as well. I have come across several sites and YouTube videos promoting iOS emulators, which fail to function in the first place. Let us know what do you think, whether Apple should approve freedom to release full-fledged iOS emulator.