Best iPhone 13 cases in 2021

Searching for iPhone 13 cases? Look no further because we have compiled the best ones in one place.

With the brand new iPhone 13, you will definitely need a case to preserve your new shiny toy. So before exploring all its newfangled features, make sure to get a protective case for it.

Best iPhone 13 Cases

Here’s our best 30 iPhone 13 cases for you:

Clear Shockproof Case

Clear Shockproof Case for iPhone 13

The Clear Shockproof Case shows off your brand new iPhone 13’s sleek engineering design from all angles. It doubles as a protective case that can absorb everyday bumps, drops and scratches.

Sturdy Industrial Style Case

Sturdy Industrial Style Case for iPhone 13

Need a tougher case for your iPhone 13? We’d recommend the Sturdy Industrial Style Case. It offers a no-nonsense yet stylish design, heat dissipation and corner air cushions.

Dragon Design Case

Dragon Design Case for iPhone 13

High-quality HD dragon art and case combine to protect and enhance your iPhone 13’s image. Color spray painting ensures the print lasts a long time!

Cute Furry Animal Case

Cute Furry Animal Case for iPhone 13

Bring out that cuteness and elicit an ‘aww’ every time you take your iPhone 13 out of your bag or pocket. The fluffy case features plush fur and a cartoony animal design.

Colorful Marble Style Case

Colorful Marble Style Case for iPhone 13

Marble creates a striking visual effect that looks awesome on your iPhone 13. Surprisingly, the case is flexible and protects your smartphone 24/7.

Ultra-Thin Leather Case

Ultra-Thin Leather Case for iPhone 13

The Ultra-Thin Leather Case offers premium, luxurious protection and a barely-there ergonomics and tactile feel. It makes a serious yet colorful statement!

Sunflower Style Case

Sunflower Style Case for iPhone 13

Bring a precious piece of nature everywhere you go with the Sunflower Style Case. There are different designs and colors to choose from.

Glow-in-the-Dark Cat Eyes Case

Glow-in-the-Dark Cat Eyes Case for iPhone 13

Wow your friends with a translucent case with a 3D cat print on the back. The eyes glow in the dark and provide a pleasant surprise.

Business Leather Wallet Case

Business Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13

The Business Leather Wallet Case offers 360-degree protection and a slew of features, including a built-in stand and grooves for your card, ID or bills.

Simple Leather Flip Wallet Case

Simple Leather Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 13

Those who value function over design will love the Simple Leather Flip Wallet Case. Aside from being a full-fledged protective case, it can act as a wallet, too.

Fluffy Cat Face Case

Fluffy Cat Face Case for iPhone 13

There’s no denying it- the Fluffy Cat Face Case is purr-fect for cat lovers and those who want a realistic feline adorning their iPhone 13s!

Ultra Thin Clear Case

Ultra Thin Clear Case for iPhone 13

Add a layer of protection for your beloved iPhone 13. It’s crystal clear so as to not cover your iPhone 13’s color.

Carbon Fiber Case

Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 13

If you want a clean carbon fiber look then you should definitely get this one. It has precision holes so you can access all your iPhone 13’s functions.

Elegant Multifunctional Case

Elegant Multifunctional Case for iPhone 13

It’s the Swiss knife of iPhone cases! Protect your smartphone from drops and snap it onto a compatible car mount via magnets for a seamless transition.

Cute Pattern Style Case

Cute Pattern Style Case for iPhone 13

Love patterns? We love patterns. We recommend you get the Cute Pattern Style Case in the design of your choosing so you have a smartphone you can call your own!

Cartoon Design Case

Cartoon Design Case for iPhone 13

The Cartoon Design Case will appeal to your inner child with its adorable graphics. It also satisfies the adult in you with its soft layered protection against everyday scuffs.

Luxury Leather Wallet Case

Luxury Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13

Luxury leather and the iPhone 13 go well together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter the color you pick, your iPhone will look dressed to kill!

MagSafe Kickstand Card Holder Case

MagSafe Kickstand Card Holder Case for iPhone 13

Turn your iPhone 13 into a mini-wallet with the MagSafe Kickstand Card Holder Case. It charges with MagSafe and can prop your smartphone in a pinch.

Clear Magnetic Case

Clear Magnetic Case for iPhone 13

The Clear Magnetic Case has the best of both worlds, with support for MagSafe charging and giving your iPhone the shock-proof protection it needs.

Vintage Leather Case

Vintage Leather Case for iPhone 13

Leather is all the rage nowadays, and if you want to be in with the trends you can get the Vintage Leather Case for your newest iPhone 13.

Classy Flip Leather Wallet Case

Classy Flip Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13

Get a classic and elegant leather case for your iPhone. It snaps shut and has two slots for cards, ID and bills.

Leather Phone Pouch Case

Leather Phone Pouch Case for iPhone 13

What looks like a small waist pouch and can hold your iPhone 13? Velcro closure and side elastic bands ensure your smartphone won’t get loose or lost in inopportune times.

Premium Leather and Metallic Buttons Case

Premium Leather and Metallic Buttons Case for iPhone 13

Wrap your iPhone 13 in luxury leather and replace its buttons with metal. The case offers 24/7 protection and makes your iPhone look fashionable in the process.

Soft Colorful Ring Holder Case

Soft Colorful Ring Holder Case for iPhone 13

The Soft Colorful Ring Holder Case keeps away dirt and dust and provides a more stable one-handed smartphone operation, thanks to its built-in ring holder.

Transparent Camera Protection Case

Transparent Camera Protection Case for iPhone 13

The Transparent Camera Protection Case is chic and offers greater privacy with a camera cover you can activate anytime.

Warm Fur Case

Warm Fur Case for iPhone 13

Turn your iPhone 13 into a fluffy device with the Warm Fur Case. You won’t be able to resist giving it a hug!

Retro Leather Case

Retro Leather Case for iPhone 13

Retro never goes out of style, and wrapping your iPhone 13 in one ensures you won’t ever be unfashionable, either.

Slim Matte Case

Slim Matte Case for iPhone 13

The Slim Matte Case is for diehard matte fans and those who love the texture it provides. You can pick from a variety of colors, too.

Diamond Glitter Case

Diamond Glitter Case for iPhone 13

Your new iPhone 13 deserves all the bling in the world. The Diamond Glitter Case fits the bill quite nicely.

Magnetic Flip Wallet Case

Magnetic Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 13

The Magnetic Flip Wallet Case is a worry-free case for your iPhone. It has magnetic closures and completely covers your smartphone from harm.

iPhone 13 Cases FAQ

What makes these iPhone 13 cases the best?

The first thing you have to look for in an iPhone 13 case is how it can protect your new device from damage. Secondly, it makes sense that you’ll want something that lends a touch of style or color.

The cases we picked perfectly fit your iPhone 13 and make it last longer.

Can an iPhone 13 case make a perfect gift?

Yes, certainly! It’s a thoughtful gesture for your partner, spouse or special someone who recently got an iPhone 13.

It’s very useful as well since it protects their investment and makes the iPhone 13 last longer.

Is it worth using an iPhone 13 case?

These days it’s not recommended that you use your smartphone without putting a case on it first.

The good news is that there are all sorts of iPhone 13 cases you can choose depending on your preference. There are slim, clear, leather and even furry and novelty cases, just to name a few!

Does each iPhone 13 case come with free shipping?

When you pick a case from our list you won’t have to worry about shipping fees and whatnot.

Simply check out and shipping is 100% free. The savings you get from buying in our list means you can buy two or three more!

Are these iPhone 13 cases made of premium quality?

Definitely. While the material may be different, we picked the cream of the crop in terms of quality, durability and design.

For example, genuine leather ages gracefully over time, while TPU and silicone will shield your iPhone 13 from everyday scratches. If there are prints then they won’t fade or wear anytime soon.

Why buy a case for the iPhone 13?

A better question may be, why not?

The iPhone 13 is the latest model in Apple’s flagship product and is an investment that’s worth protecting.

You’ll want to buy a case for your smartphone to prevent its surface from being scratched. More importantly, you’ll be glad you did when you accidentally drop your phone on the floor or pavement.

Are these iPhone 13 cases waterproof?

It depends on the material. TPU and silicone work great against moisture and water, and while leather or fur look good on their own they won’t be able to stop your iPhone 13 from getting wet.

Are the cases considered as luxury?

The cases in our list are more necessity than luxury. They do a good job in keeping your iPhone 13 from physical harm, including drops, bumps and scratches.

Should you buy multiple cases?

The answer is yes, if you have the budget for it.

Having several cases gives you an option in the fashion aspect. You can give your iPhone 13 a new look or add features and functionalities as necessary.

Will these cases really protect the iPhone 13?

Like we said, a case’s primary responsibility is to shield the iPhone 13 from damages.

We also ran each case in our list through the wringer. They did an excellent job keeping the iPhone 13 in pristine condition.

Should you buy a silicone case or a leather case?

The answer is, it depends.

Leather and silicone each have their own pros and cons. iPhone 13 leather cases usually offer 360-degree protection with perks such as slots for cards and bills, while silicone is colorful and can sport a trendy print or design.

Are these cases shockproof?

The iPhone 13 cases in our list are shockproof. Putting a well-fitted case on can effectively protect your phone from shocks and bumps, including drops from several feet.