Best iPhone 13 Pro cases in 2021

The iPhone 13 Pro is a testament to Apple’s engineering genius. If you’re one of the lucky ones who got it at launch, congratulations! The next thing you need to do is shop for the best iPhone 13 Pro cases to protect your investment.

Here are the best iPhone 13 Pro cases:

Clear Shockproof Case

Clear Shockproof Case for iPhone 13 Pro

The Clear Shockproof Case doesn’t hide your iPhone 13 Pro’s body and yet provides indispensable shock and drop protection.

Best iPhone 13 Pro cases

Sturdy Industrial Style Case

Sturdy Industrial Style Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Love a tough case to go with your new smartphone investment? This case is durable enough to take a beating for your iPhone.

Dragon Design Case

Dragon Design Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Get a powerful dragon design emblazoned on your equally capable iPhone 13 Pro. The print is colorful and in high definition.

Cute Furry Animal Case

Cute Furry Animal Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Turn your iPhone 13 Pro into a comfy and huggable mini-pillow, and keep it out of harm’s way at the same time!

Colorful Marble Style Case

Colorful Marble Style Case for iPhone 13 Pro

A soft case designed to ward off dust, scratches and impacts while providing long-lasting eye candy. What more can you ask for?

Ultra-Thin Leather Case

Ultra-Thin Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro

It’s possible to get a leather design in a paper-thin case, courtesy of the Ultra-Thin Leather Case. Style and form in one excellent product.

Sunflower Style Case

Sunflower Style Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Stop and smell the flowers, even if it’s virtual with the Sunflower Style Case. You’ll love the bright colors and relaxing design!

Glow-in-the-Dark Cat Eyes Case

Glow-in-the-Dark Cat Eyes Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Get the conversation ball rolling and break the ice when you take your iPhone 13 Pro out and shut off the lights.

Business Leather Wallet Case

Business Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Get a matching accessory for your iPhone 13 Pro that goes well with any professional business attire you might have.

Simple Leather Flip Wallet Case

Simple Leather Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro

A leather flip case is super stylish and protects your iPhone 13 Pro from physical damage in a 360-degree aspect.

Fluffy Cat Face Case

Fluffy Cat Face Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Who wouldn’t love an adorable and miniature cat face looking up at them when they flip the back of their iPhone 13 Pros?

Ultra-Thin Clear Case

Ultra Thin Clear Case for iPhone 13 Pro

A barely there, minimalist and clear iPhone 13 Pro case that still manages to keep scratches, scuffs and bumps at bay.

Carbon-Fiber Case

Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Apply some carbon fiber toughness and texture to your iPhone 13 Pro with the Carbon-Fiber Case. It’s available in several color options.

Elegant Multifunctional Case

Elegant Multifunctional Case for iPhone 13 Pro

A do-it-all case that can attach your iPhone 13 Pro to the car dashboard and prop your smartphone for hands-free calling, watching and browsing.

Cute Pattern Style Case

Cute Pattern Style Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Add a splash of color to your iPhone 13 Pro and get full protection at the same time. The case has cutouts for the camera and buttons.

Cartoon Design Case

Cartoon Design Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Wacky and lighthearted, the Cartoon Design Case sports high definition prints that last practically forever and won’t fade!

Luxury Leather Wallet Case

Luxury Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Those who value function above all else should check out this case. It turns your iPhone 13 Pro into a mini wallet holder for added convenience.

MagSafe Kickstand Card Holder Case

MagSafe Kickstand Card Holder Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Give your iPhone 13 Pro the wireless charging and protection it deserves, with the added feature of a card holder.

Clear Magnetic Case

Clear Magnetic Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Clear cases are brilliant in that they provide complete protection without obstructing the view, hardware-wise. This one has an added bonus of supporting MagSafe charging.

Vintage Leather Case

Vintage Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Get a vintage look for a touch of class that never goes out of style. With leather, it’s absolutely doable.

Classy Flip Leather Wallet Case

Classy Flip Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Flip cases are excellent in that they provide 360-degree protection and can act as a stand when you want your hands free.

Leather Phone Pouch Case

Leather Phone Pouch Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Always have your iPhone ready in a holster around your waist. It’s made from leather and looks great in any outfit.

Premium Leather & Metallic Buttons Case

Premium Leather and Metallic Buttons Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Instead of a metal feel, why not replace it with a luxurious tactile experience? This leather-backed case does just that, and more.

Soft Colorful Ring Holder Case

Soft Colorful Ring Holder Case for iPhone 13 Pro

A playful take on pastel shades. You can get matching colors for your iPhone 13 Pro, or get a new shade.

Transparent Camera Protection Case

Transparent Camera Protection Case for iPhone 13 Pro

A transparent case with a hint of color of your choosing. The built-in ring holder is a nice stabilizing plus!

Warm Fur Case

Warm Fur Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Turn your iPhone 13 Pro into its total opposite- soft, warm and cuddly, and impact-proof with the Warm Fur Case.

Retro Leather Case

Retro Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Your new iPhone 13 Pro will stay safe and sound with the 360-degree protection and magnetic clasp this case brings.

Slim Matte Case

Slim Matte Case for iPhone 13 Pro

The Slim Matte Case brings that no-nonsense yet casual and refined aesthetics to your newest iPhone 13 Pro.

Diamond Glitter Case

Diamond Glitter Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Capture every light in the room, as well as everyone’s attention with this premium glitter case. No other accessory shines brighter!

Magnetic Flip Wallet Case

Magnetic Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Smother your iPhone 13 Pro in fine leather and give it an all-around protection, plus a slot or two for your credit cards.

iPhone 13 Pro Cases FAQs

What makes these iPhone 13 Pro cases the best?

The iPhone 13 Pro cases we picked are the best in what they do, per category. Whether you need a thin clear case or something that you can charge your iPhone wirelessly in, you can be sure that they will work as advertised.

Can an iPhone 13 Pro case make a perfect gift?

The recipient of your iPhone 13 Pro case will thank you for being thoughtful. The case is high quality and ensures that they will be using their iPhone for a long, long time. Less cracked screen means less repairs and more savings in the process!

Is it worth using an iPhone 13 Pro case?

Think of it this way- the iPhone 13 Pro costs hundreds of dollars, but they’re not indestructible devices.

A dive into a river or swimming pool or a drop from a one story building is all that’s needed to break the pristine screen or render it broken. However, when you spend a few dollars on a case you’ll be protecting your device as long as it’s on.

Does each iPhone 13 Pro case come with free shipping?

Online shopping is now more convenient than ever. The same goes for when you purchase our iPhone 13 Pro cases- you can have it delivered straight to your doorstep without having to pay extra.

Take full advantage of the free shipping option and get several cases you like.

Are these iPhone 13 Pro cases made of premium quality?

Unlike cheap cases the ones we picked are made from premium quality materials, e.g., leather, silicone and fur, among others.

There’s no doubt that when you slip these on you won’t have to buy another one (maybe if you want a new type of case) because they’re super durable and last a long time.

Why buy a case for the iPhone 13 Pro?

As tempting as it is to use your new iPhone without a case you probably will end up with a scratched and worn out device several months from now.

If you want to preserve your investment then sink a few dollars into a good iPhone 13 Pro case.

Are these iPhone 13 Pro cases waterproof?

If you’re more worried about liquid damage than say, impacts and scuffs then we suggest you buy a plastic-based iPhone 13 Pro case.

These cases offer waterproofing to a degree and keep your precious iPhone away from spills and shallow dips.

Are the cases considered as luxury?

Investing in iPhone 13 Pro cases is an invaluable part of owning the latest Apple tech. You could get more expensive ones with real diamonds or gold, but at the end of the day it’s all about protecting your smartphone from a wide variety of physical damage.

Should you buy multiple cases?

Fashion-oriented individuals and those who want everything to match with their outfits should buy several of these cases. Leather is a timeless classic, while fur is great for playfulness. MagSafe support is essential for those who have wireless charging solutions.

Will these cases really protect the iPhone 13 Pro?

These cases act as a second skin for your iPhone 13 Pro. They will take the brunt of everyday damage, such as when you put your phone down on a surface or table, when it drops to the floor and whatnot.

Instead of leaving a permanent mark on your iPhone it’s definitely more preferable to have it on a case you can replace.

Should you buy a silicone case or a leather case?

It’s really up to you. However, we would recommend you get these two types of cases if you want the best of both worlds.

Leather offers a premium feel, and they usually come in wallet- or full cover for your iPhone 13 Pro. Silicone is more colorful and boasts several print designs.

Are these cases shockproof?

Yes, all of the iPhone 13 Pro cases here can absorb impact and shocks to a degree. Your iPhone will be safe when you drop it from about 3 to 4 feet without suffering any physical damage. 

If you’re worried about shocks, we’d recommend the leather cases since they protect the front part of your iPhone 13 Pro as well.