Best LMS For Independent Tutors

Learning has changed more in 2020 that it did in the past many years.

Just overnight, students and teachers had to switch from traditional classroom style mode of instruction to virtual classes.

Best LMS For Independent Tutors

While the switch was very difficult for many, there were some tutors, teachers, and even students that were already engaged in online modes of instruction before it became a necessity.

This means, we luckily had all the tools we would require to deliver effective online classes.

You may be thinking that we are referring to only web conferencing software, the difference in nature of offline and online training makes it necessary to implement a number of different tools.

For instance, when talking about online training, a blended learning approach is preferred. This means combining self-paced learning and instructor-led virtual training sessions.

In fact, unlike offline learning, self-paced learning is a significant part of virtual instruction.

And learning management systems are integral to effectively delivering online training, regardless of whether you are working with a school roster of a thousand students, or as an independent online tutor.

With that said, features that may be relevant to someone working for an educational institution may not be relevant for independent tutors.

Such intricacies can make the decision of choosing the right LMS a challenge independent tutors.

To make the decision a bit easier, we’ve created this list of the best LMS for independent tutors:

Mindflash LMS

Mindflash is a well known name in learning and development technology circles.

Most people recognise Mindflash as a LMS that is fit for bigger organisations and employee training scenarios.

The truth, however, is that Mindflash LMS offers everything an independent tutor could ever need. From the ability to support a variety of content formats to blended learning support, Mindflash LMS offers it all.

The best thing about Mindflash LMS is its customisable interface that allows users and learning administrators to create a focused dashboard and user experience that is suited to their training needs.

Mindflash LMS pricing is also considered generally sensible and the LMS falls in the category of some of the most affordable LMS solutions out there, further making it perfect for independent tutors working with a limited budget.

Skyprep LMS

Another well known name in online training circles, Skyprep is advertised as an LMS for teaching school and university level learners.

To this end, the LMS offers a variety of features that are designed to aid learning for young minds. For instance, Skyprep LMS also offers a mobile app that can be installed on your students’ mobile devices, enabling them to access training anywhere and anytime, on a device that they use virtually throughout their day.

The LMS also offers a variety of administrative features that allow demarcation of training material for specific audiences. This feature is especially relevant for teachers that teach different groups of students in different grades.

Google Classroom

Developed by the tech giant we all know, Google Classroom is a robust online training tool, but not quite a learning management system.

The platform only integrates with other online Google products like Google Docs.

If you can look past this limitation, then Google Classroom is perhaps the perfect solution for you. This is because the platform is free to use (until you upload more than 100GB of training material) and offers built-in assessment capabilities.


These were our top three picks of learning management systems for independent tutors. With that said, there are several other options in the market that may be best for your individual training scenarios and conditions. For this reason, the best way to pick the right LMS is to try out a few options before coming to a decision.