Best Messaging Apps In 2022

Effective communication is always a big deal while you are managing your business online and superior communication is a prominent part of it. Since there’s a lot of rush of messaging apps on the internet and many companies collect your personal data, it’s important to use a secure messaging app. 

As we are living in the era of data logging and surveillance, you will find dozens of people who desire to access your private conversation for their selfish reasons. If the messaging app isn’t secured and there is any security breach, your private communication may be leaked. You have to connect with your buddies and family members and instant messaging apps are the best way for it. 

In this article, we will discuss Highly Secured messaging apps. All of them are not only secured with end-to-end encryption but also have great User Interfaces. Let’s start with the most favorite one.

1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app worldwide that is available without any cost. This messaging app lets you make voice and video calls, text messages with emojis, media files, share your status, and many others with simply a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Apart from it, you can use WhatsApp either on mobile or computer operating system to continue your conversation at any place and anytime. 

The best part of this messaging app is the end-to-end encryption that makes it a highly secured app from all others. It means only the sender and receiver read the messages, and anyone, even WhatsApp itself, can’t read your message. 

Many enhanced versions of Official WhatsApp are also available on the internet and the best example is GB WhatsApp. The Mod APK of WhatsApp not only includes all features of the official app but also includes many other features that make the privacy more customized. In short, GBWhatsApp lets you decide how you want to use it.

The most useful feature of the modded version is the DND mode that lets you use all other apps without disturbance of WhatsApp messages. Furthermore, there are customized themes, recover deleted messages, outstanding effects, and many other features are available that you can’t find in official WhatsApp. 

2. Facebook Messenger

Basically, it is an instant-messaging app that is built into Facebook. It uses Facebook’s database for messaging services between FB users. Actually, this messaging app was developed to replace the in-app messaging service and make it a different part of the Facebook app. This app is widely used and lets you send instant messages, videos, photos, files and perform different tasks. 

3. Telegram

Telegram is a well-known cross-platform messaging app that people love to use due to its enhanced encryption and privacy features. The best thing is that it has no ties to other social media apps (like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are owned by Meta), which makes the service more appealing. Since the app is multiplatform, its versions are available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, you can use this application through the web browser. 

4. Signal

Like all other secured apps, Signal also uses end-to-end encryption to keep your chat more private. Signal has been getting popular in all communities for last few years, whether they are security experts, tech giants, govt. Officials, journalists or any others. 

Actually, this instant-messaging app is known for its exceptional security and wealth of features. If you feel someone is accessing your Signal app, you can make it secure by locking the app through the mobile with fingerprint security or passcode. In short, the Signal app is designed by keeping in mind the privacy of the users and it offers a lot of tools to manage your privacy. 

5. WeChat

Having users more than a billion monthly, this social media messaging app is widely popular all across the world, especially in China. No matter which part of Earth you are living in, WeChat is available free to download. The app has a feature called WeChat Out that enables you to call international landlines at low rates. Furthermore, this app comes with a localization feature that enables to translation of the content into 20 different languages. 


All the prominent cybersecurity companies worldwide are agreed on a point that there should be some distinct solid traits for every communication app. However, it doesn’t matter what the tech giants are saying; the thing that matters is the everyday usage of messaging apps and independent testing. Whether you are using the instant messaging app for personal use or business use, it should be secure and keep your communication private. 

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