There are several Microsoft applications to solve all kinds of problems and make work seamless for companies and individuals. These apps provide solutions such as calendar, document sharing, email and many others. However, to enjoy these apps at a go, you have to integrate Microsoft Teams into your workflow for seamless productivity.

Best MS Teams apps in 2021

Though there are several tools embedded in Office 365, MS Teams represent the centre of innovation, helping companies become more productive, efficient and discover new ways to connect and collaborate with team members.

Ever since Microsoft Teams was introduced in 2016, it has grown to become one of the most sought-after collaboration tools for teams across the globe. And in this article, we have come up with the best team apps for you in 2021.

1. GitHub

GitHub is one of the incredible MS Teams apps that you will find useful come 2021. As we all know, GitHub remains the leading software development platform in the world to get solutions to designs and development problems.

The platform is home to all developers, helping them to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world and with the integration of GitHub in MS Teams, developers can seamlessly collaborate on GitHub without switching applications.

With this new development on the MS Teams, features such as the GitHub’s Tab, Bot, Messaging Extension, and personal app capabilities are supported. Therefore, users can easily create, ship and share their codes as much as possible.

2. Lifesize

Talking about apps for video conferencing, Lifesize remains the best solution for video conferencing that businesses and companies alike. The app delivers the highest audio and video qualities during conferences. Now to enjoy conferencing in 2021, integrate Lifesize into MS Teams apps to obtain the highest audio and video quality for every conference call.

Also, MS Teams apps allow you to use other convenient tools with Lifesize to book or initiate 1:1 or group meetings in Teams channels. For instance, you can use the MS Teams calendar to schedule meetings in the conference rooms. Impressively, the integration of this app in MS Teams saves you the stress of having to navigate across multiple applications.

Best MS Teams apps in 2021

3. Trello

Trello is a project management software that helps teammates monitor the progress of their projects. It is an innovative software embedded with numerous collaborative tools to organize, maintain and prioritize projects in their level of importance. To heighten your productivity in 2021, you can integrate Trello in MS Teams with the Trello Tab or Connector.

Both Trello and Microsoft Teams allow users to make comments, take notes and by integrating the two accounts you can seamlessly view your team’s work via a dedicated board. The Connector also notifies you if there are changes in the project making you able to keep tabs on the progress of your teammates.

4. Jira

Jira is also an incredible project management software that has helped businesses maintain the progress of their projects. Now you can use Jira on MS Teams to visualize team progress on projects, priority assignments, team workloads, and overall real-time business performance.

Primarily, Jira has been excellent for planning projects, bug tracking, content development and software releases as well as onboarding for marketing projects.

5. Disco

Disco is the ideal app for building a strong team culture and keeping business values at the core. Ever since remote work has become a thing of interest for almost everyone, Disco has been more relevant due to the solutions it provides. With Disco in MS Teams come 2021, you improve your company culture and celebrate achievements with team members in real-time 


These best MS Teams apps discussed above will come in handy for you and your teammates in 2021. With them, you can effortlessly monitor the progress of your projects from one channel without having to switch between applications.

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