10 Best Free PDF Editors

PDF editors have a huge market that has consumed them for multiple requirements. The PDF file format has become one of the most recognized and utilized file formats across major platforms. They have covered users’ personal and commercial concerns and have provided them with an efficient solution to showcase their voice with no boundaries and barriers.

The existence of PDF files has provided people with the ability to send their ideas all around the world. The major trouble with PDF files is their management. This has been made possible with the existence of a free PDF editor. The article features a few of the best PDF editors that offer unique characteristics and are recognized by millions of users.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

What Is the Best PDF Editor?

There are numerous PDF editors available in the market for consumption. However, it is significant for users to be aware of the factors that make a PDF editor considerable in the market. The following points highlight the major considerations that should be a part of assessing every PDF editor in the market.

  • Easy to Use: The PDF editor should be extremely easy to use and should offer a very user-friendly interface to work on. Users should require no technical knowledge of using the tool.
  • Amount of Features: A PDF editor is recognized as the best PDF editor only if it offers a unique set of features. The platform should not only include the basic PDF editing tools but should provide users with multiple tools to work on. It should include converting tools, annotating tools, merging and splitting tools, and scanning tools, etc.
  • Good Amount of Reviews: It is important for users to observe a positive image of the tool before using it. Any PDF tool is regarded among the best if it has good reviews by different people. The user should be able to apprehend the reasons that make a PDF editor perform better in comparison to other tools.

1. CocoDoc

CocoDoc offers a very extensive interface to its users to manage their PDFs on. This part explains the important and significant characteristics of CocoDoc that would help users select the best free PDF editor for their work.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

1.1. Why is CocoDoc the Revolutionary PDF Editor of this Era?

CocoDoc has broken the barriers to editing and developing a good PDF file for free. This tool has associated a variety of tools and features in its simplistic interface that aims to empower users in managing their PDF files. This platform has enabled users to exempt all kinds of issues relating to executing their tasks in designing a perfect PDF document.

This platform has provided the concept of ease of use across a million users dispersed across 190+ countries. With such a high reach, CocoDoc has also made itself recognized across major lead brands, including IBT, Tech Times, iLounge, and Macworld. This has boosted the reach that CocoDoc has achieved while empowering its users with exceptional toolkits.

CocoDoc has connected users and revolutionized the concept of PDF editing with its smart system. It promotes a lifestyle that is being endorsed by workplaces and individuals. This is what really makes CocoDoc a perfect choice for a free PDF editor.

1.2. Exceptional Features of CocoDoc Free PDF Editor

This platform is known for its tools and features. Although there are dozens of highlighting features available across CocoDoc, the following explains the few best among the rest.

  • Watermark & Protect PDF

Official documents require protection and safety from different scams and malware. While working across an online platform, it is exceptionally important for users to ensure the protection of their files. CocoDoc provides people with the ability to watermark their documents with their custom designs that would help them protect the document. Along with that, a 256-bit SSL encryption system protects the files during transfers.

  • Split & Merge PDF

Users who are into dividing their large documents into sections look for an appropriate splitting tool. CocoDoc’s splitting tool covers all the requirements along with keeping the quality of the file. The merging tool, on the other hand, provides users with the ability to combine multiple files at their discretion.

  • Convert & Edit PDF

CocoDoc allows users to convert their PDF files into any important format or vice versa. Users can consider converting their important Office format files or JPG pictures into PDF files for sending them easily across any platform. Along with that, users can consume the exceptional editing toolkit provided by CocoDoc.

  • PDF Reader & Page Handler

If you are looking forward to reading a PDF file, CocoDoc provides you with real tools that would aid you in reading the file. Along with that, users can add numbers across their PDF pages to make page navigation easier. You can delete any unnecessary page within the PDF document and rotate any page to make it look readable.

1.3. How Does CocoDoc Work?

Operating CocoDoc is extremely easy and simple to execute. The following steps explain to users how to edit a PDF file with the exceptional PDF editing software.

Step 1: The user needs to upload their file across the platform by importing it directly from the computer. The file can also be dragged and dropped in CocoDoc. CocoDoc allows you to upload files from services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can even share the URL of the PDF file.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

Step 2: Utilize the editing toolkit offered at CocoDoc’s interface for managing your PDF file according to your requirements.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

Step 3: Save the file across your computer by tapping on the ‘Download’ button on the screen.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

To get to know more about CocoDoc, you can read this article to obtain significant information related to the tool.

2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf offers a very aesthetic interface to its users to edit their PDFs on. This free PDF editor is quite handy in covering various tasks, including editing, converting, and signing documents. Along with the common tools to edit the PDF with, Smallpdf offers a very extensive feature set to its users. The users can look forward to adding text and image files across their documents with ease.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

One of the most highlighting factors of Smallpdf is their cloud-based service. Users who look forward to saving their files across such services can easily utilize Smallpdf’s cloud-based platform for saving their files. They would find no need to go to third-party services in saving their files. However, one major downside of using Smallpdf is their limited free trial service.

3. iLovePDF

Online services are quite commonly used by people of all ages. PDF editors are one-of-a-kind services that have enabled the management of PDF files. However, platforms such as iLovePDF have introduced a new concept of PDF management in the community. Not only does this tool offer all the basic tools for editing, but it also adds in multiple advanced features that enhance the PDF documents themselves.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

iLovePDF has looked forward to approaching its users from three different platforms: online, desktop, and mobile application. It even integrates APIs within its packages that help users add impressive functions across their work. iLovePDF is also known for offering its services in 25 different languages, making it highly accessible to multiple kinds of users from the world.

However, there are a few downsides to this impeccable PDF editor. The tool takes quite a time in uploading large files across its system. Along with that, it does not work within a limited connection environment.

4. FormSwift

This tool is renowned for providing a huge library of fillable forms. Users can look across any form and edit it according to their needs within the tool’s PDF editor. FormSwift provides you with a very explicit PDF editing facility that guides users to edit, manage, and annotate their PDF documents with ease. FormSwift has made the management of forms and files convenient.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

Users are allowed to add in information and manage the text accordingly. However, FormSwift is known for having very limited access to text tools. The platform does not offer a library of tools that would guide them in editing the text that has been previously edited within the file. The user, however, has full control over the text they are adding within the PDF document.

5. Sejda

Sejda offers its users the ability to edit PDF for free. It combines a very coherent list of features that allows users to edit their PDF file accordingly. Sejda integrates a list of other features that can be performed across the PDF document. It includes signing the documents, creating forms, and adding different comments and links across the file.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

The tool has made it possible for users to edit as many documents as they want to across the platform. Unlike other software, there are no restrictions for the users to edit documents across this free PDF editor Windows. There are no page limits or hourly limits across the platform. However, one of the major downsides of the Sejda PDF editor is its lack of protection tools.

Sejda has failed to offer a secure environment in comparison to its competitors. Along with that, the free service has a total file limit of 50MB  and 3 tasks per hour. The user needs to get to know more about the tool before coming towards using it with ease.

6. PDFescape

PDFescape is a very exceptional choice if the user looks forward to editing smaller PDF files. The platform provides users with a convenient and fast interface that makes it preferable among the existing PDF editors. Along with that, PDFescape provides its users with a powerful editing system. Users can easily scan their documents and freely use the online platform according to their requirements.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

Documents are quite easily annotated, rotated, and merged across PDFescape. The platform has made it possible for users to complete their work in a matter of seconds. However, one of the major downsides of this tool is the file size limit that the users have to abide by. Along with that, people who look forward to downloading the desktop version of this free PDF editor have to pay for a proper package.

7. PDF Doctor

This tool is highly recommended for users who have professional requirements in editing their PDF files. PDF Doctor provides a very vast feature set with the ability to manage different file formats. One of the most highlighting features at PDF Doctor is its conversion tool. PDF Doctor has enabled users to convert files of diverse formats such as EPUB, XPS, OXPS, SVG, and HTML.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

Along with these tools, users are provided with various features to edit their PDF files. This helps them create various documents that can be professionally sent across different platforms. Users are even allowed the ability to unlock their PDF files with the aid of this tool. PDF Doctor has induced a very comprehensive yet unique toolkit for its users.

8 PDFelement

This software has made itself regarded as an alternative to platforms such as Adobe Acrobat. It has featured similar tools and systems over a free price that cannot be found across its competitors. PDFelement is one of the best free PDF editors in the market that have introduced the concept of easy PDF management. It features one of the best toolkits that can be found across any desktop application.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

If users are looking forward to using the platform for the long term, they have to purchase a plan to gain access to all features. PDFelement is available in various plans that help users in enjoying services such as cloud storage and other complete toolkits. The platform provides all the major tools that can be found across any best PDF editor.

9. PDFchef

PDFchef has taken a unique direction to PDF editing. This tool has integrated all the major features required in editing the PDF document. Along with that, the users are provided with the ability to convert, split, merge, and annotate their PDF files. PDFchef even allows its users to add in its browser extension to

10 Best Free PDF Editors

The platform offers free services of PDF management to its users. It integrates various tools and allows users to convert different file formats into their required file structure. Users can edit multiple file formats such as TIFF, PNG, BMP, and DjVu across PDFchef and provide effective results in the form of professional-

10. DocFly

This explicit free PDF editor has a lot to offer when it comes to PDF editing. Users can easily manage their files across the platform and perform multiple functions with ease. There are various advantages of using DocFly as a PDF editor, which includes its exceptional speed in executing tasks. One of the major reasons for introducing this tool as the best PDF editor is its easy and accurate system.

10 Best Free PDF Editors

Users can easily edit and perform multiple functions across three PDF files within a month for free. DocFly provides its users with swift services in creating PDF documents within 5 minutes. All of this can be freely performed across their platform. Another highlighting point for DocFly is their free cloud-based platform that saves a PDF file and automatically removes it after 24 hours.


This article has taken up the challenge of explaining the best PDF editors that are available in the market. Users are looking for tools that enable them to manage and edit their files easily. Tools such as CocoDoc have enabled convenience in file management and have allowed people to cover their tasks efficiently.

If you are looking for an effective free PDF editor for functioning properly, this article provides all the important details to it.