Part1. Why you will need to make presentation video?

In certain instances, having a close-up exhibition is poorly planned, especially during a Covid pandemic. However, you may do that task via a Zoom conference or by recording yourself speaking while using a PowerPoint presentation. Given that people may view the video and listen to the content whenever they like, it is beneficial to provide much more notable flexibility. If you want access to PowerPoint in its entirety, you must purchase Microsoft’s setup of products or opt for Microsoft Office Package. However, if you just need to produce a simple slideshow, a free to use toolkit is available. Create a PowerPoint presentation if you need to present a strategy plan, summarize your company’s budget, or finish a catchy presentation.

Best Presentation Video Maker DemoCreator Review

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to use PowerPoint to record a slideshow. Wondershare DemoCreator unquestionably holds the monopoly when it comes to mentioning the best video editor and screen recorder in the modern era as it has all the features compiled into one software package. It has a wide range of features and plenty of customization options for your PowerPoint presentation, webcam, and screen recordings. Our best pick for software to record videos is DemoCreator. It’s simple to use, and finding a technique to record a PowerPoint presentation won’t take you long at all. The variety of highlights available and the quality of the sound and video you may capture set this stage apart from others. DemoCreator simultaneously sends your sound and video while recording locally.

Part2. How to Add Your Desired Presentation Content?

When you use DemoCreator for your recording requirements, quality and economy go hand in hand. HD video recording capabilities don’t come at a high price. Using DemoCreator, 4k studio-quality video can be captured in only a few clicks. This all-encompassing software also offers you a variety of editing options, such as comments, green-screen effects, alterations, text effects, cursor effects, and more, to make your clasps stand out. This generates documents of higher quality and enables you to simply record without relying on the power of your web association. Additionally, in the event that you get estranged or have difficulties at work, you won’t need to worry about losing any part of your recording.

Steps to add your PowerPoint to make presentation video in DemoCreator:

These days, the PowerPoint slideshows range from novice to pro, making it a complete editor package. The DemoCreator Editor instrument offers automated components for editing your recording’s nature. No specialist knowledge or expertise is needed to switch out distracting foundation clamors and modify volume levels in two or three ticks. Here’s how:

step 1.Select the PowerPoint Import

After launching DemoCreator editor, refer to the bottom-left corner of the UI and click on the + button to open up the options. From the list, choose Add PowerPoint as shown below:

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

step 2. Add your PPT File

In the next step, select your PPT file from the PC and afterwards, hit the Open to import it into the DemoCreator as shown below:

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

step 3. Select the Slides from Your PPT

Now, you can also add the slides from your PowerPoint file as well as skip the slides vice versa. Select the ones to add into the DemoCreator as shown below and click the Import button.

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

step 4. Customize the Slides

After the successful import of your sideshow, you can now customize the slides to your own customizations by using the menu bar as shown below:

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

Part3. How to Add Your Images/Videos to DemoCreator

When the recording is finished, you’ll be sent to the Wondershare DemoCreator editing screen, which looks like this. By using the Import button as slideshow below, you can now add the Video file for which you recorded the voiceover using the DemoCreator recorder. Afterall, you can import as much Photos and videos as you want. Nevertheless, once you’ve made your choice, use the right click button on the profile and select the option from the list to add them to Wondershare DemoCreator’s media files area.

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

Part4. How to Change Background

To change the background, import your slideshows with the original background and the desired background into the library. After adding both files to the timeline, drag the picture from the library into the video editor. You may choose the slide from which you wish to remove the background by clicking on it. Your photo slideshows will immediately be imported. Then, the background may be removed by simply selecting it, as seen below:

step 1. Changing The Background to the Pre-Set

Using the compositing tool in DemoCreator, click on the picture in the timeline to change any Background into a green screen or any other color. Your perfect background image should be part of the initial step. When the “green screen” from the prior video has been removed, this will become visible. Put your video as soon as you can underneath the main track. To access the settings menu, double-tap the video clip from which you want to remove the event’s background.

Changing The Background to the Pre-Set

step 2. Put the “Green Screen” Effect into Use

DemoCreator is one of the simplest tools you can use to give the background of your video a green screen look. Simply add the captured green screen video to the library together with the background screen you’ve chosen. Once both files have been imported into the video editor, drag the green screen effect from DemoCreator’s library section to the timeline.

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

Part5. How to Start Presenting your Slideshow

You can also start using video to present your slideshow right away after the mandatory customizations. To do that, follow the steps below:

step 3. Add Annotation When Presenting

You may get a clear notion of its editing capabilities from its first editor interface since it makes all the operations accessible to a novice user in this field. Once your screen recording is complete, you may modify the project file in this user-friendly editor. To start, you can add titles by choosing Annotations from the menu as shown below:

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

step 4. How to Add Teleprompter When Presenting

On your working clipboard, click the Taskbar below the preview window and select the Teleprompter as shown below. This will let you do the customizations hassle-free.

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

Part6. Stop, Save and Share Your Presentation

The real catch with Wondershare DemoCreator is that it includes a ton of choices and a wide range of settings that can be saved onto your system. To improve the quality or output size of your video production, you may choose from a variety of video codecs. Additionally, this program will store your output films to the target folder in a shorter amount of time, demonstrating its quick access and time efficiency.

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

With DemoCreator, you also have the option to choose the encoder from the dropdown menu list under the export options. As indicated in the export options, you may also choose the frame rate of your output video using the Frame Rate dropdown menu. Additionally, if you wish to publish your videos to your YouTube channel, Wondershare DemoCreator lets you choose the high-definition option for the video’s overall resolution.

Part7. How to Edit Your Presentation Video

You may edit the video you recorded right after stopping your screen recording in addition to the high-quality screen recorder. Additionally, you may use a simple interface to artistically edit your film by importing various video, audio, and picture formats.

Add Annotation

The Annotations menu, which offers a number of built-in annotation options for your video project, lets you mark your films.

Add Captions

By clicking on the button as shown below and choosing your preferred option from the choice of templates, you may add titles to your video recordings. By choosing the text area and your preferred template, you may add text to your video clip to display in the opening and outro as seen below:

Add Transition

Simply go to the Transitions option on the left side of your program interface to access Transitions. There, you’ll discover a variety of transition effects that have already been saved for you in the DemoCreator transitions. Pick the best one from the list—there are lots more to choose from, like Ripper, Flash, and Morph—and insert it between the clips you want to use.

Add Media Packs If You Want

You may now see the finished film and fix any issues with the synchronization of the video clips and the assortment of effects after adding the effects to your video clips. The list also covers many more effects including background removal, green screen, blur background, masking effects, mirroring, and mosaic. In this instance:

Best Presentation Video Maker- DemoCreator Review

If you wish to submit your screencasts to your YouTube channel, convert them to MP4 first since MOV is only appropriate for web content videos. You may choose whichever of these forms works best for you.

Part8. Conclusion

In summary, we can state that Wondershare DemoCreator has the capacity to give outstanding performance and fantastic video recording and editing experiences to its end-users regardless of the fact that they belong to any certain specialty in our contemporary period. If you are worried about the video content, this program is the greatest and most suitable option. These links will let you download it from this page. The conclusion of this study implies that Wondershare DemoCreator, a potent screen recorder and video editor, is a full collection of all the necessary needs you could need when experimenting with your video material. In addition to screencasting and recording, you may choose from a variety of other capabilities.

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