Science fiction has led to many inventions that weren’t even thought to be possible, for example many of the gadgets and hi tech instruments used by 007 James Bond were only concepts at the time of filming or take the Jetsons cartoon for instance, so much of that is now a normal in today’s world. As technology advanced these gadgets came in to existence. So it can be said that Hollywood has had a significant impact on science and technology.

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

Here are The Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch in 2020

Many of these movies are available on Netflix, so you can watch them easily, however some titles might be restricted to the U.S Netflix only but with a simple work around you can unblock American Netflix.

The Matrix (1999)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 8.7

The Matrix released just at the right time to make it a super hit that can never be forgotten. It was the time when personal computers were just introduced and the world had begun to see wonders of technology. The story is set around Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer who gets involved in a war initiated by super computers in an alternate reality called the Matrix. This was one of the movies which laid the foundation for such science fiction topics that show how novel tech can be. The slow motion bullet chasing scene is the cherry on top and is still one of the most popular scenes ever!

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 7.2

With the immense success of “The Matrix” a sequel to this unique movie had to be made, especially given the fact it totally rocked the box office making $465.3 million on a budget of mere $63 million. The sequel made even more money, given the fact that the first part had laid a solid fan base and turned out to be very interesting for the audience to experience such different content. In this part of the Matrix the storyline majorly revolves around Neo trying to rescue Zion, however to do so Neo must face the master architect, a war is waged against the Matrix system. The film made around $739.4 million which is almost double of what its first part made. However, despite the success of The Matrix, thankfully the producers didn’t rush for the sequel and took a good 4 years’ time to make the film.

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 6.7

The third installment of the movie was released in the same year as the sequel, here Neo is mankind’s only hope for survival and also the protection of Zion, he acts as a mediator between humans and the super computers. To do all this however, Neo must face his long time enemy agent Smith, the choices narrow down and it gets more difficult for Neo to make a negotiation with his enemy, watch the film to find out how Neo tackles it all.

Her (2013)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 8

A writer named Theodore Twombly, is struggling with his writer’s block, so he purchases an Artificial Intelligence based system to assist him with writing. The A.I based system, to Theodore’s surprise is extremely human like and deeply understands him and even improves itself. Being an introvert Theodore develops a bond with the A.I system unknowingly and in fact, gradually even falls in love with it. He’s also had a break-up recently, so the A.I systems communication with him is very comforting for him. Over all, it’s a very well scripted movie with great cinematic effects and a very engaging storyline.

Under The Skin (2014)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 6.3

The film features Scarlett Johansson as an alien entity, disguised as a human. In fact, not just a human, a very attractive female toward whom men are easily lured. Come to think of it, who wouldn’t be attracted to the drop dead gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. The film has much more to offer is kind of mind bending as she brings the lured men in to her van and sends them in to a completely different dimension. This is some serious science fiction that will make you wonder about the possibilities of different dimensions and alternate reality. Things change and make the story even more interesting as Scarlett begins to experience what it is like being a human.

I Am Mother (2019)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 6.3

There are tons of movie that cover the topic of a post-apocalyptic world, humans have perhaps forever been fascinated by this concept. But I Am Mother takes things on a completely different level, in a secure and secluded underground lab a human girl by the name of “daughter” is raised by and A.I based robot called “Mother”. However, in the post-apocalyptic world, there’s another human survivor Hilary Swank who discovers them. With her entry into the scene the secret bond of the human and machine is put under threat. The movie makes one wonder whether to trust the A.I robot that raised the girl or to trust Hilary.

Snowpiercer (2013)

Best Sci-Fi Movies in 2020 with IMDb Ratings

IMDb 7.1

This film is like no other, a completely different concept that will reveal to you how harsh humans can be to each other in times of uncertainty and hardship. The movie shows a world where a climate related experiment goes terribly wrong and causes all of humanity to die except those who are boarded on the Snowpiercer train that keeps on moving and doesn’t stop. Despite the scary situation that they are in, there are class differences within the train where the rich and wealthy are placed in luxurious and comfortable cabins whereas the poor and weak are mistreated. To find out how it concludes and how the weaker class combats the rich and powerful authorities of the train to fight for their right to live, you must watch this amazing gem!

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