Each and every television series has something for which the people remember it. For some, it is the actors, their performance, story, and screenplay and for some, it is their soundtrack. So here are the best series of soundtracks you should not miss.

Best Series Soundtracks

Music is a language loved by everyone. This is why most of the successful movies and seasons have their turns and songs which are unique to them and give vibes that can easily be associated with the memories we have for these shows.

This is why we decided to bring you the best from the list that you can listen to sometimes and go down the memory line with adventures and happenings to remember. Without any further delay, let’s hit the list.

Burn Butcher Burn –The Witcher

This song comes from the Season 2 of the famous series The Witcher. Burn Butcher Burn meaning and intentions are simple. With simple lyrics, they are here to covey us a background on things that have happened in past.

It related to the happenings in the life of our favorite Jaskier. Here you will find why Bard is angry with Geralt, around whom this whole piece of music revolves.

It starts with the disappointment in his friend’s eyes and his words about finding him alive. Though his friend is alive too, he does not deserve the credit for this. Since then his true friend has decided to part ways with him. Would Geralt be able to get his angry friend’s forgiveness?

Cold Little Heart –Big Little Lies

Coming from season 2 of Big Little Lies is our favorite song ‘Cold Little Heart.’ Once you hear it, it will resound in your ears for days. And for sure, you will come back to listen to it over and over again. For this to happen, it was bound to.

Cold Little Heart is melodious where the strings do not just create music, but a mesh around you to embrace you inside of it. The vintage piece of music is here for you to listen to and enjoy. That is why it is not merely part of the background solely.

Here you will find it making sense about the lives of the main characters in the story of Big Little Lies. A song recreated after a long time, how can it leave us behind without impressing us?

A Wonderful Day Like Today – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

A delight to the ears, a treat for song lovers. A Wonderful Day Like Today is a track written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. Performed by Cyril Richard, it is a must-have part of the best series soundtracks you should not miss.

The show itself is a mixture of many other titles that were included in the show but A Wonderful Day Like Today is the one that is just made for the central character that is Midge Maisel.

It talks about taking the responsibility for yourself and not letting the circumstances destroy your mood. Feeling good for all that you have and expressing these feelings and sharing the joy with others.

Memorized –This is Us

Not many soundtracks succeed in conveying emotions as successfully as Memorized which was part of the popular family drama series ‘This is Us’. This melodious and beautiful original comes from Blake Stadnik for the show.

Here Blake Stadnik is playing the role of Kate’s son named Jack. The song perfectly details the meaning behind many of the characters in the play.

As it says, “Can one turn to give me a new direction? Can one false move bring me one true friend? Could a stranger ever end up being you?” Strange things could happen, but no matter what you come across, life will find ways to untangle you.

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Gotta Get Up –Russian Doll

In this dark comedy, a cynical woman keeps dying and returning to the same party that is being thrown in her honor on the same evening of her eventful life. Set in New York City, she is making attempts to get out of this loop.

Yet it is not the storyline that is catchy, what is more, attractive is the soundtrack with the title Gotta Get Up. The track flows flawlessly with the unique premise of the drama. Not just that, there is a lot more to it.

Gotta Get Up in Russian Doll tells us about the personal life and journey of the main character and how her emotions waver across time. You will find it playing at the back of your mind and the lyrics will mesmerize you as well.


It is hard to list all the awesome tracks from the television that appeared until now. Yet, if one has to mention the best of them these are the best series soundtracks you should not miss. What other titles would you like to name on this list? Tell us in the comments below.

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