HBO Max is WarnerMedia’s direct-to-consumer offering that bundles all of the company’s libraries under one platform. This includes content from HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and Warner Bros. HBO Max launched on May 27th, 2020.

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

The platform offers users a variety of content, including original programming, movies, and television shows. HBO Max is available on streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS and Android devices. The platform costs $14.99 per month.

HBO Max includes all of the content available on HBO Now and HBO GO and additional content. This includes Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting, and HBO Max Originals content.

What’s best to watch on HBO Max right now

There’s plenty to watch on HBO Max right now, but what are the best shows? Here’s our guide to the best programs you can stream on the service.

1. Minx

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

Minx is a new comedy series on HBO Max that follows the misadventures of a group of women who start their own adult entertainment company. The show is created by Ellen Rapoport and stars an ensemble cast including Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, and Jessica Lowe. The series is set in Los Angeles and chronicles the lives of its four protagonists as they navigate the often- murky world of the adult entertainment industry. While the show is certainly not shy about tackling issues like sexism and exploitation, it also manages to find plenty of humor in its subject matter. If you’re looking for a funny and insightful new series to watch, then be sure to check out Minx on HBO Max.

2. Our Flag Means Death

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

Our Flag Means Death is a new comedy show on HBO Max that follows the misadventures of pirate Saint Laurent (played by Rhys Darby). The show is set in 1715, during the Golden Age of Piracy, and centers around Saint Laurent’s quest to start his own pirate crew. He’ll encounter plenty of colorful characters, including a rival pirate captain, a voodoo priestess, and a talking parrot. Our Flag Means Death is sure to be a wild ride, and it’s sure to make you laugh out loud. So, if you’re looking for a new comedy show to watch, be sure to check this out on HBO Max.

3. Made for Love

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

The comedy show Made for Love on HBO max is about a woman discovering that her husband has implanted a tracking device in her brain. The show follows her as she tries to escape his control and find out what he’s really up to. The show stars Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano, and Billy Magnussen. It is written and directed by Patrick Somerville. The show is a dark comedy that explores the dangers of technology and relationships. It is a timely show that will make you think about the role of technology in our lives.

4. Starstruck

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

Starstruck is a comedy show by Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden that is currently streaming on HBO Max. The show follows the story of two best friends who try to make it in the competitive world of Hollywood. Along the way, they must deal with the challenges of being young and aspiring actors. While the show is a comedy, it also tackles important issues such as sexism, ageism, and racism in the entertainment industry. It is undoubtedly a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy and wants to see a more realistic portrayal of the Hollywood dream.

5. Hacks

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

Hacks is a comedy show on HBO Max that follows a group of female comedians in Hollywood. The show is created by Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky, and it looks at the challenges and tribulations these women face in the industry. While the show’s set in a comic world, it also deals with more serious topics, such as sexual harassment and the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Despite these women’s challenges, they still manage to find humor in the situation, and the show is ultimately a feel-good comedy. If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud comedy that also has something to say, then Hacks is worth checking out.

6. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

The comedy show Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO Max by Larry David is about the life of a fictionalized version of Larry David. The show follows him as he goes through his daily life, often getting himself into awkward and hilarious situations. Larry deals with his friends, family, and co-workers, all of whom are played by some of Hollywood’s best actors and comedians. Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the funniest and most successful comedy shows of all time, and it’s worth watching if you’re a fan of Larry David or comedy in general.

7. Silicon Valley

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

The comedy show Silicon Valley on HBO Max is about a group of young men trying to make it in the tech industry. They live and work in the Silicon Valley area of California, and the show follows their trials and tribulations as they try to get their start-up companies off the ground. The show is funny, but it also has a lot of heart, and it’s a great look at the modern tech industry. If you’re a fan of comedy or interested in the tech industry, you should check out Silicon Valley on HBO Max.

8. Love Life

Best shows to stream on HBO Max right now

Love Life is a comedy show on HBO Max, all about the trials and tribulations of finding love. The show follows the story of Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick) as she goes through the ups and downs of dating in New York City. Each episode focuses on a different stage of Darby’s love life, from first dates to break-ups and everything in between. The show is funny, relatable, and worth watching if you’re looking for a good laugh. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Love Life on HBO Max today!

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