Best strategies for FPS (first-person shooter) games


If you are a gamer, it’s hard to say that you haven’t had your taste of a shooting game, and to be more specific, a first-person shooter. These action-packed games bring a lot to the table for the gamer to experience. From devising strategies to cooperative teamwork, first-person shooter games keep the player’s eyes on the screen throughout the gameplay. These games don’t give you relaxation until its game over and require a keen eye to be the winner. Want to try and get in into first person shooters but don’t know how to get them? For PC, the best way to start off is to get the most popular game, or better, get a CoD MW account where you already have a great advantage to maximize your gaming experience.

Best strategies for FPS (first-person shooter) games
Best strategies for FPS (first-person shooter) games

When there’s not much to know and learn about how to play a first-person shooter, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to master them. These games take both skill and practice to be the pro. But fret not if you haven’t been able to bag that chicken dinner lately, because we have the perfect thing for you. We’ve devised a list of strategies and key pointers based on our own experiences and several others that can take any FPS gamer from level zero to the ace of the squad. Consider this an assist for our fellow gamers lagging to give them a boost for some skilled top-notch gameplay. Alright then, without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Camping with the element of surprise

As an FPS gamer early on, one of the best strategies is to camp. Camping gives you the element of surprise to attack your opponents from the safety of a distance. Moreover, you can detect any incoming enemies and attack them before they have a chance to shoot back at you. Most games have added features such as sound effects for footsteps that can allow you to detect an individual closing in on you or wandering around. Camping best works with the use of snipers and scopes but can provide you plenty of kills with regular long-range weaponry as well. Make sure to find a good spot that’ll keep you safe and undetected from most directions. Locations such as the corner of a room that is mainly out of sight or between boulders or crevices where the back of the player is guarded serve as good camping spots.

2. Aim for the big shot

Normally a gamer’s ideal shot is the one-hit KO, that is, the headshot. While this is an excellent tactic at leaving the enemy motionless in just one single straight-up shot, it surely comes with risk. The head is a small target and can prove difficult to land a hit on. In the event of a miss, it could potentially give out the player’s location or attract unnecessary enemy attention towards them. Instead, rather aim for the body or torso of the target. The torso would prove to give a better successive hit ratio, and allow the player to land multiple simultaneous hits to take down the opponent successfully. As the recoil from the hits brings the aim higher, the player can take a headshot by chance on the opponent. Moreover, in certain games, there is extra damage added for heart-shots and lung-shots, both of which can be taken from aiming at the torso.

3. Know your surroundings

It is ideal for the player to be well aware of their surroundings – particularly for FPS games. These surroundings can prove both an advantage and disadvantage depending on how the player uses them. A pro tip for any first-person shooter gamer would be to never let yourself be in the open, as an opponent, particularly campers, can easily target you without you having much time to evade and react. Try using objects in your surroundings to camouflage yourself and stay concealed from enemy players. Not revealing yourself is the best way to survive till the end of the game for many players, particularly for beginner players.

4. Don’t panic

Losing your calm can be your first step to losing. Avoid panicking in any circumstance in your game. This is the major mistake beginners do, especially when attacked by an enemy. Panicking and spamming bullets will only leave you confused as most of the shots won’t hit your opponent, while the opponent keeps landing consecutive hits on you. Instead, try to focus your shots on the opponent and make every bullet count for maximum damage. Several games do not provide ammo very easily hence it is better to keep that in mind too. Moreover, with more focused shots you will be able to take down your opponent faster and more efficiently, perhaps even land a critical or two.

Best strategies for FPS (first-person shooter) games

5. Collaborative effort

First-person shooter games are often played in multiplayer mode. Gamers can band together to form a squad or team up against a common enemy team of likewise structure. This can prove to be an advantage in most scenarios, as players can form strategies together to take out their foes. Teams can corner up the enemy taking them on from both ends, leaving the opponent startled and confused. Moreover, members of the squad can act as scouts while campers and players right behind them knock out any incoming foes. There’s a lot more a team or squad can accomplish, however, make sure you’re not the one these strategies get played upon. Team play also encourages and assists new players as they’re trying to get a grip on the game mechanics and getting used to things with time.

6. Practice leads to perfection

At the end of the day, the more you play your game, the better you’ll be at them. Some tactics and skills cannot be taught by anyone but learned by the player by themself. Each individual has their take on such things that make them unique and stand. A lot of popular and successful players today have discovered their unique skills and strategies through this methodology. The more hands-on experience you have with the mechanics and controls of the game, the better you’ll be adapted to ace it.

With these strategies implemented, you’d be unstoppable at any first-person shooter game you lay your hands on. If you’re a polished gamer looking into a new first-person shooter game or simply moving on to shooter games for a first, but want to test out these strategies against matured, experienced players then look no further.

We wish you all gamers an enthralling experience with first-person shooters that will bring an adrenaline rush like no other. Happy gaming!

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