Best Student Technology Gadgets for 2019


Are your high school years done? This probably gives you a feeling of fulfillment and somehow, an entirely new perspective for life. However, the more grown up and accomplished you are, the more will your responsibilities grow. Now that it’s time for college, you are up to new challenges and responsibilities.

Best Student Technology Gadgets for 2019

But, this isn’t something to be scared about. Technology has made the lives of people so much easier, it has basically become a part of our everyday routines. With the use of the right gadgets, students can go through their college years smoothly and without a hassle. Here is what we recommend.

1.    Kindle Fire HD 8

Every new Kindle is more popular than the last one. This year, the most popular version among students is the Kindle Fire HD 8 – the latest tool for reading and managing your papers without having to drag everything around to every class.

If you want to make your life easier, you definitely need a Kindle. This reduces not only the physical burden of carrying books to classes, but also gives you immediate access to the things you want to read, whenever and wherever you want to do this.

Kindle Fire HD 8

With a Kindle, you’ll never again forget an important paper. You can download the materials immediately while in class, take notes that keep you organized, and read on your way from or to class.

2.    Portable Printer

You might think of this as an unnecessary investment, but a portable printer can actually come really handy. You can use it to print papers you must submit if you don’t have the time to do this at home. When you decide to order from essay writing help for aussies companies, you’ll still need a printed version for the more paper-oriented professors. With a portable printer, you can literally order and print your paper while still in school.

Portable printers can be really handy for a college student who needs notes for class or studying. Not having to go home every time you need something printed out, which nowadays can be very often, is extremely beneficial and time-saving.

3.    Portable Hard Drive

Without a debate, every student needs this. You’ll have to write hundreds of papers during your education, keep many materials and books on your laptop, not to mention back up all that work regularly to keep it safe. Even so, you can always lose it if your laptop gets stolen or breaks down.

A portable hard drive isn’t only good because you’ll need space for all that school data. It’s also perfect for keeping your hard work safe and preventing you from losing an important essay before the deadline. There are so many stories of students who worked hard on a paper and lost it because their computer broke and in most of them, no one believes their explanation.

Don’t let yourself become one of those students. Get a portable hard drive and keep your electronic files safe.

4.    Smart Notebook

Have you heard of this invention? It’s very popular today, especially among those who take many notes. You can take digital notes to reduce your work,  but most students still prefer handwritten notes. This keeps the information fresh into their minds and it is the way things have worked for a very long time.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should get rid of technology in note-taking altogether. After all, technology is there to help you. This smart invention combines both technology and traditional method in a perfect way. You can take notes and upload them on your cloud, therefore keeping them safe and highly organized.

5.    Noise-cancelling Headphones

You’re about to witness the busy life of students, especially if you sleep in a dorm like most. It’s a perfect chance to create some wonderful memories and make lifelong friends. But, it also means sleepless nights before important exams or early classes, as well as noisy neighbors when you really have to study or write papers.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

For such days, and there’ll be a lot of them, you’ll need such headphones. You can’t always go to the library, especially not when you study late at night or simply want to stay in. In such cases, noise-cancelling headphones are the wisest investment you can make. And they aren’t expensive, either.

These five items might not have been the first thing on your list when it comes to college gadgets. However, they are the best picks we have for this year because of their versatility and practicality. With the use of these five items, you can make your college year much easier. They offer many benefits that will help you save time and study more effectively, not to mention organize your schedule and get some time to relax and spend with friends.

Just put them on your list and start choosing the best ones for you – you’ll definitely benefit from each one of them!

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