Best Video Converter to Remove Vocals from a Song



Finding an instrumental or karaoke version of a song is easy until you’re dealing with less popular music, which means you must only search for the full version of the song, complete with vocals. For an instrumental or karaoke track, how do you remove vocals audacity or with the updated Wondershare Uniconverter 14?

Best Video Converter to Remove Vocals from a Song

Suppose you want to hear your favorite Karaoke-style music in addition to the vocals, or just your favorite tune alone on social media, then you would need to remove vocals from the song. Although the isolation of lyrics on-screen may look easy, it takes time, and often the results will not be what you expected. In such cases, you must separate the track from the primary and backing vocals using vocals remover

So, we’ve picked up the most reliable online apps to remove vocals from a song.

wondershare uniconverter

Part1: The Updated Wondershare UniConverter 14

Wondershare UniConverter has many innovative features, including video conversion, audio conversion, virtual reality conversion, image converter, video downloader, video editor, DVD/CD burning, screen recorder, file transfer, and more. Wondershare UniConverter has a simple and elegant interface for handy and complete applications. Wondershare UniConverter is a one-stop video converter with full GPU acceleration for any media file or memory. 

Wondershare Video Converter includes an Editor, Recorder, Transfer, and Compressor in the video toolbox. The latest version of UniConverter 14 will be available on June 30, 2022. Video converting, compressing, and other functions are vastly better in the new version with the addition of audio editing. UniConverter’s most significant advantage over other video processing tools is that it is flexible and easy to use.

Part 2: How do I Remove Vocal with Wondershare UniConverter 14

The AI audio function tool’s interface was designed with great care and used artificial intelligence to produce a result for the user. It can create a sound ready in seconds while keeping the original quality. For removing vocals from a track, use Wondershare UniConverter’s limited-time free vocals remover feature as follows:

Step 1: Open the video converter on the PC and then the Vocal Remover by navigating to the + File icon to add the audio/video file or drag and drop the file. 

launch-vocal removal

Step 2: The Wondershare Uniconverter will automatically analyze the audio file you imported with AI.

analyse-the song

Step 3: Once the analysis is over, you will have two files: One without vocals and one with lyrics (the karaoke version of your song).


Part 3: More About the Updated Wondershare Video Converter 14?

Uniconverter is the best tool to remove vocals from any song with an AI algorithm automatically. 

Here are two of the essential features of this video converter:

Convert Video: 

You can convert videos and audio between different formats, such as video to MP4, from the local system. Pre-conversion editing of the video, including trimming, cropping, etc., and audio file parameters, such as channel, sample rate, and bit rate, are also available. The converting process and the final video and audio files are divided into separate tabs for easier management. 

  • The conversion speed increases by 50%
  • Supports 4K/8K HDR HD video full-process GPU acceleration, speed increase by 50%
  • Get Webb, mp4 format video with alpha channel output – good news for video editors
  • Support Mac M1 native acceleration
  • Support VP9, AV1, HEVC (H.265) encoder (new MP4 (CFHD)/MOV (HEVC)/MKV (AV1)/Webm (VP9/AV1) 
  • Multi-threaded GPU acceleration, including Intel/AMD/NVIDIA

Compress Video:

Compression is the key when storage space is low. You can add local files to the interface for resizing with Wondershare’s Video Compressor feature. Either you can resize the files from the compression settings or select file parameters; quality, resolution, and bit rate, to resize the file. A preview is available to change the output format if needed.

  • Added support for lossless compression of audio files;
  • The compression quality is increased by 80%, and the size is reduced to 90% without losing quality.
  • Add multiple compression modes to meet the compression requirements of various scenarios.

After recording or downloading, you can right-click on the portion of the file and choose the option “Add to.” There are five main functions in the Add to the menu, and you can select one of them according to your needs. 


The problem of complete vocal removal is long-standing because of its technical complexity, but the Wondershare video converter is the best solution available today. You can remove vocals from a song and produce an instrumental track with its help for background music in presentations, social media videos, karaoke practice, and so on.

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