Best Ways to Remove Video Background

Let it be a video created for personal use or for business purposes, one might need to remove the video background at any time. There could be multiple reasons for doing so but the users are always worried about the quality of the video, the charges they would have to pay, and the amount of time it would take.

Why remove the Background from the Video?

Not everyone wanting to remove video background have the same reason. However, here are some of the most popular reasons for removing the background from a video:

Best Ways to Remove Video Background

·         The background no longer goes with the theme of the company.

·         The video is going to be repurposed and needs to have no background.

·         Removing the background will make the audience focus on the content more.

·         The background does not match the content or the main focal point.

How to Remove the Background of a Video?

Removing the background of a video does not sound like a hectic task. However, the expectations of the resulting video make the choice of software difficult. Sometimes finding the right software might take you more time than you anticipated. Hence, it is best to go with the tools that are famous in the market rather than spending time in testing new and less popular tools.

To help you meet all of your requirements, here are some of the best and popular tools and software you can use for removing backgrounds:


Kapwing is a free online tool that allows you to upload any video and remove the background within minutes. While most of the software replaces the background with a green screen, Kapwing provides you with a clear background as you desire. Moreover, you can even use Kapwing’s smart AI features to apply new backgrounds that would go with your content and theme as well. As it is suggested by many experts, you can use this tool without worrying much.

If you are worried about getting spammed, this tool is entirely safe. It neither spams you nor asks your details for downloading the edited video.


If you love tools with easier and more user-friendly UI, you will fall in love with Unscreen. It is yet another online software allowing people to remove backgrounds from their videos without any hassle. The videos can be uploaded within a few clicks and you can start editing them as per your need. As the software is fully automated, it picks pixels, chooses colors, paints masks, and moves paths to provide you with an exceptional video.

There are only two drawbacks of Unscreen. Firstly, you can only edit 5-second long videos and secondly, the videos come with the watermark of Unscreen.

Cutout Pro is one of the famous tools used for video editing. It is a free tool available online which can be used for removing background from videos. Whether your video was created with a green background or a colorful one, its smart AI captures it and removes it as per your demand. You can forget about all the difficult work of drawing masks, cutting out people or content on the front, and adjusting pixels.

The only drawback is that the tool requires you to enter your details and make an account to download the videos edited. Given the quality of the videos, it is not much to ask for.

Final Cut Pro

If you are looking for a tool for professional video editing, Final Cut Pro is the one. It is developed by Apple and comes with some amazing features. It can remove any background from any video without taking much time and providing the best results. It also allows to add effects, change audio, apply various themes, and much more. All you have to do is upload the video and click a few buttons.

If we come to drawbacks, this tool is not designed to be used for free. However, the cost you have to pay is so much lesser for the features you get.


If you are looking for quality and do not want to spend a fortune, you can’t get a software better than Chromavid. It charges you just a few dollars for a year and provides you services you dreamt of. With this software, all you have to do is upload a video you want to remove the background of and let the magic begin. One fun fact is that it is not a regular software to be used on laptops rather it is a phone software or app that you can use just anywhere.

Even though this app is amazing in terms of usage and budget, a lot of people prefer to use the software on laptops because they have doubts about the quality of the videos generated.


It is one of the most famous and widely used video editing tools. As it was introduced years ago, the market has many versions available. However, the background of the videos can be removed even on the oldest versions. It is an open-source tool that can be downloaded and used by anyone without paying even a single penny. It allows even beginner-level editors to do professional editing without attaching any watermarks.

The major drawback of ShotCut is that it requires the video to have a green background. If your video has some other color background or natural background, it would not detect it for background removal. Moreover, it is perfect for shorter videos but larger videos introduce many lags.


In short, one may have different reasons for wanting to remove the background of a video. However, everyone wants to have a video with the best quality. While the market is full of various tools used for editing videos, not all of them produce the best results. Names of some video tools have been given above. Some of the tools are paid while the majority are free. Now, the final decision on a tool to remove the video background depends on your requirements and expectations.