Best Ways to Unsubscribe from Spam

Unwanted emails could be a real pain for daily internet users. If you are an active email user, it’s most likely that your inbox is filled with unwanted junk emails and spam and you are tired of clearing them manually. Not only is it time consuming and unproductive but also causes too much distraction. So it is extremely important to unsubscribe from emails which you don’t require and clean up your mailbox as much as possible. Today every email client gives you an easy way to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and stop spam. However, you need to know some tips and tricks on how to automate this process and make it more productive.

  • Gmail: It’s the most used email client in the world today and thus Google has made it easy to unsubscribe from unnecessary emails with just a few clicks. Whenever Gmail finds out a working unsubscribe link in an email, it puts its own unsubscribe at the very top of that email just beside the sender’s email. You can also find it in the place of Spam icon in the toolbar. A big unsubscribe button appears as soon as you click the option and you can easily opt out from there.
  • Yahoo Mail: Yahoo is probably the 2nd most popular email service after Gmail and if you have a Yahoo account then you have got plenty of options to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and newsletters. At the end of each email, Yahoo gives you the option to unsubscribe or update your preference. You can simply click on that button and opt out. Similarly, you can go to the settings option in your mailbox and add a particular email address to the block list to stop receiving messages from that certain sender. 
  • Microsoft Outlook: If you are an Outlook user, you also have a similar option of unsubscribing from spam. You will get prominent unsubscribe links on both Outlook software and apps. If you are using the Outlook web version, you will get a message saying “Getting too much email? Unsubscribe” and you can click on that link to opt out from junk emails and marketing newsletters.
  • Use the Unsubscribing App: If you don’t have much time for managing your mailbox by yourself, you may use a universal tool to help you organize emails, unsubscribe from spam, and automatically filter your messages. For example, you may use an email management tool like Clean Email to organize mailbox automatically and protect from spam (read more). It organizes all emails into easy-to-review bundles and allows creating rules that apply various actions (delete, move, label, archive, etc.) to the new incoming emails automatically. Its Unsubscriber feature allows reviewing all your subscriptions in one screen and opting out from all newsletters you don’t need just right from there. It works with any email service provider using IMAP.

There is nothing to worry if you are receiving too many unwanted emails in your inbox and want to get rid of them. Simply apply the above-mentioned methods and stop unwanted emails without much effort.

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