BigCommerce Review

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
BigCommerce Review

Doing it BIG! This is what BigCommerce is all about as the name indicates. In this review of BigCommerce, we will investigate one of the most well-known online business solutions presently accessible. It is normally included in the top ten online store builders, just like Shopify.

How about we start with a straightforward question.

BigCommerce Review

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce Review

One of the top web-based e-commerce sites is BigCommerce which enables you to make an online store. It allows you to set up a store, including items, and get profit through your site.

But wait, that’s not all. BigCommerce is an expert online store builder, which means it’s intended to assist you with online selling. With huge amounts of implicit features, data tools and many more, BigCommerce is most appropriate for enormous or speedy-developing businesses.

Who is BigCommerce for?

BigCommerce takes into account organizations of every kind, so don’t think that your store isn’t that big so you cannot use this platform. You will basically take advantage of this online store builder in case your plan is to make your business grow.

It’s ideal for huge and fast-developing organizations. In case you are not in search of growth or are a first-timer then this platform isn’t the right choice for you.

BigCommerce Pricing & Plans

BigCommerce offers 3 different plans. Its pricing starts at $29.95 per month. BigCommerce is not available for free but it does offer a free trial.

BigCommerce Review


As far as the ease of use is concerned, BigCommerce is among the top online store builders. Clients regularly appreciate the user interface on different forums, and when I tried it out myself, I found that they were absolutely right. You can give it a shot for yourself with BigCommerce’s 15-day free trial.

Template & Designs

BigCommerce Review

For your online store’s design, you can use numerous interesting templates provided by BigCommerce. 12 free templates are provided which are absolutely amazing. Also, there are more than 100 paid templates that you can use, but they are costly obviously.

In any case, if you want a different design you can do your own personalization. Simply go into your online store theme and start designing.


In less than two minutes I will familiarize you with the best features offered by BigCommerce. Here they are:

  1. It has built-in SEO
  2. Payment and shipping tools are available
  3. Free templates available are customizable as well
  4. Uptime is excellent (99.99%)
  5. Conversion and marketing tools are available
  6. It provides POS solutions
  7. E-commerce Annual Conference
  8. 28% growth in these years is estimated
  9. It provides B2B e-commerce solutions
  10. Only one dashboard to manage item posting on your site, as well as Instagram, Amazon, and different other channels

Check out more features here.

How to Build Online Store

You will begin with a sign-up process. About your store you have to enter some basic details and afterward click on ” Create my Store now “, and you will be signed in to your own control panel.

BigCommerce Review
BigCommerce Review

Explore the Dashboard

BigCommerce Review

All the important information is on the dashboard, where you can look at products, revenue, and recent orders and all the basic information you will be needing.

You will likewise have the option to get your hands on some of the BigCommerce features, for example, a search field for searching details or store icon for viewing your store.

Now when you are quite familiar with the dashboard, you can start building your online store.

Design Your Store

Different design choices are given by BigCommerce for your store that can match literally any purpose. Regardless of what you’re selling, you will definitely discover something that is up to your needs and desire.

Design Your Store

From your dashboard click the Edit Settings button, now you start designing your store, either by playing with the theme colors and choosing the one suiting your store or going for a premium theme to make your store even more classy.

Currency & Payment Settings

One of the most important things you can do is pick the currency that you will accept for your store. Ensure you get the cash directly by clicking on Settings and then Currencies.

BigCommerce Review

You can also set the payment option that how will you accept the payment. BigCommerce enables you to look over many different choices, which is great when you need to give your clients some relaxation with respect to how they pay.

Adding Items to Your Store

After all, that start adding items to your store. Click on the “Product” tab, you will see many example items, remove them and add your own. For every item you add, you’ll have a few helpful requirements that you can enter. Basically, all that you need is there to offer your clients a lot of information about anything that they’re purchasing.

BigCommerce Review

Displaying Your Products

For displaying your products mark important items, as a “features” product. To add an item as featured, all you have to do is click a little star beside your item listing on the main product page.

Advertising Your Products

At the point when you are prepared to bring life into your site, remember to look through marketing tools of BigCommerce. There are many choices provided, including Banners, Google AdWords and coupon codes.

BigCommerce Review


BigCommerce provides you with the best technical support through email, live visit, and telephone 24/7. Luckily, this help is accessible at all levels. If you want to solve something on your own then BigCommerce has many online self-help assets available, which can guide you well.


  • A lot of built-in features are provided
  • Single-page checkout
  • There is no fee for transection
  • Many integrations are provided
  • Design templates provide are amazing
  • A 15-day free trial is provided


  • Customer support is good but inconsistent
  • Customizability is limited
  • Similar themes in the free section
  • Limited annual online sales

Bottom Line

I realize you will cautiously look into these factors when you settle on your online store decision. In any case, I would suggest that start a free trial first to experience everything yourself. It doesn’t require some investment to get a decent vibe for the product, and you are provided with a full 15-day trial which will be I guess enough for your exploration. Basically, you have nothing to lose, in any case, it’s a win-win situation.

If you have any queries about BigCommerce, our team at WebPageScientist would love to hear them. Don’t hesitate to write anything in the comment section below!

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