Birdsong Tablet for Seniors Review 2020


Technology has become an integral part of our lives. From the start of our day till the end, from homes to schools and learning facilities, offices to recreational centers, wherever we go, we are surrounded by some of the other forms of technology. However, there are specific subgroups who are unable to realize the full potential of technology and use it for their benefit—for instance, the senior citizens. Senior citizens often find it hard to cope up with all the technological advancements happening around them. Their lack of technical knowledge usually leaves them overwhelmed when using a new technology or smart device.

Birdsong Tablet for Seniors Review 2020

While the rest of us are finding more opportunities to connect with people through smartphones and tablets, the aging population is limiting their circle offline. More and more seniors are finding themselves isolated from the rest of the family. Connectivity and communication are the two most significant advantages any senior can reap from a tablet for seniors.

Numerous studies and research show that the use of in-room bedside digital tools like tablets can reduce loneliness and depression in aging adults. Regular use of such devices has a positive impact on their personality as they experience improved physical and mental fitness. All these and much more can be achieved through a simplified tablet that is designed exclusively for senior citizens.

Although the market is filled with such tablets, the Birdsong tablet, in particular, is a useful tool for the physical well-being and brain fitness of the users. The Birdsong tablet may look like your regular tablet, but in reality, it is a digital treasure trove for aging seniors. Moreover, Birdsong tablet is powered by Samsung, which makes it a reliable piece of gadget.

What it Birdsong Tablet?

The Birdsong tablet is built on award-winning research that studied the impact of simplified technologies on the lives of senior adults with dementia. The study was conducted by Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, who was joined by Eastern Virginia Medical School and Virginia Wesleyan University. The research was recognized for its valuable findings at the 2016 Excellence in Research and Education Award from LeadingAge, a Washington, D.C.-based association.

The tablet allows the users to stay connected with their family and loved ones through easy video-audio calling facility, and texting and email services. The tablet features a senior-friendly user-interface, which makes it easier to be operated by seniors with the least technical knowledge.

Why is the Birdsong Tablet Different from other tablets?

Extensive research and studies have shown seniors may experience difficulty in seeing through small screens. Thus, to offer its users an optically optimum viewing experience, the tablet is available in 18-inch and 15-inch screen sizes. The bright screen resolution, coupled with the touch screen feature, ensures that the tablet works perfectly for people who are over 65 years of age. The touch screen is handy for aging adults as they tend to lose muscle strength over time. Instead of having to move a mouse or hold a stylus, the user can touch the screen to operate the tablet.  

The Birdsong tablet has been successful in creating an enhancing and life-enriching experience for its users through personal in-room technology at an affordable price.

How does it work? 

The Birdsong tablet is available in two variants, one in 10-inch and another in 15-inch screen size. Both options run on an android system that makes it even easier to operate.

Once you receive your Birdsong tablet, it’s effortless to set it up as per your convenience. The big screen and easy-to-use interface let the user connect with their loved ones instantly. The tablet is already filled with a big selection of engaging content and experiences for the users.

One exciting and most useful feature of the tablet is its ever-present Home button. The Home button prevents one from getting lost or stuck in an app and return to the home screen.   

The Birdsong tablet works as a tool that seniors can use to connect with their family, friends, and caregivers. The software has an inbuilt family portal through which the seniors can stay in touch with their family and care providers all at once.

The user has a choice to browse through a vast pool of content ranging from classic TV shows, movies, brain fitness games, travel videos, spiritual content, and much more. If these are not enough for you, you can browse the internet for more content and connections.

Subscription Plan 

The Birdsong initiative aimed to make this useful bedside technology affordable for its users. The makers of the tablet provide access to the award-winning software as well as a family portal through affordable monthly and yearly subscription plans. The product comes with a 30-day money-back guaranteed, making the purchase risk-free.

The subscription package includes:

  • Ad-free streaming of unlimited music
  • Access to more than 8000+ experiences
  • Family portal for picture sharing
  • Customer support
  • Easy-to-use UI/UX
  • Technical Support
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