Black Friday is quickly approaching, and premiere energy solutions brand Bluetti has been busy crafting eye-popping deals for consumers looking to go off-grid.

BLUETTI Black Friday Deals

Campers, outdoor warriors and even homeowners can get a slice of renewable energy in the form of a portable power station. Let’s check out Bluetti’s superb Black Friday deals that cover the brand’s entire product line.

BLUETTI Black Friday Deals

Unlimited Power and Savings in One Package

Those who want a robust and clean energy bundle they can rely on can turn to the Bluetti AC300 and B300 combo.

Being a modular power system, the AC300 can accommodate up to 4 B300 packs at max, thus giving consumers a mind-boggling 12,288 Wh. Not only can it power virtually a small house and everything in it, but it’s other noteworthy feature is how it’s ultimately portable.

You get an array of output options for devices, small appliances and lights, and input is a matter of choosing to get solar energy or AC. When paired with the B300 modules you can expect up to 1,500 charge cycles and simultaneous charging connections (via solar and AC).

The AC300 also works with the Bluetti Fusion Box Pro to double the capacity, power and voltage to 24,576Wh, 240V and 6,000W, respectively.

Pricing for the AC300 and B300 is slashed at $2,999, and you can get up to $4,000 savings with bundled deals.

BLUETTI Black Friday Deals

Never Worry About Power Outages Again

Although not as prevalent, a sudden blackout or power outage can quickly spell trouble for the unprepared. Today’s technology now allows us to continue working, playing or doing what we do when this happens.

The Bluetti AC200 Max and the B230 battery pack is the perfect solution for this. It’s the upgraded version of the AC200 and sports the ability to be 80% powered up by direct sunlight in just 2 hours’ time. Internally, you get a 2,048Wh battery and can support up to 2 more external sources, including the B200 or B300 for 6.144Wh and 8,192Wh, respectively.

Pricing for the AC200 Max and B230 is slashed at $1,899, and you can get up to $2,600 savings with bundled deals.

BLUETTI Black Friday Deals

Camp in Modern Luxury and Comfort

Portable solar panels convert free sunlight into usable energy you can use to power your smartphone, computer, lights and cooking gear, among others. Bluetti has not just one, but two excellent items you’ll definitely want to own.

The PV120 and PV200 are camper-friendly portable solar panels made from highly efficient monocrystalline cells. They’re both improved versions of their predecessors in terms of collecting sunlight, even in part shade conditions. Pair either with your favorite Bluetti power station and you can definitely camp in relative comfort and style.

You can catch up to 20 percent in savings, with more deals on bundled items.

BLUETTI Black Friday Deals

Catch Bluetti’s Black Friday Deals Now

Black Friday is the perfect event to take a look at what Bluetti has to offer. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are deals across its whole product lineup, including the AC50S-BLUE, AC50S-Orange, EB70, EB55, EB240, EB150 and AC200P. Discounts range from $50 up to $300 on select items.

It’s worthy to note that this is Bluetti’s biggest sale yet, so make sure to check out their solar power station products and solar panels at the company’s official website,

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