Bluetti celebrates power week promo with powerful savings on sustainable solar generators

Get yourself a renewable Bluetti power station and experience massive savings in the upcoming BLUETTI Power Week. To help you in your quest to find the perfect solar generator, we’ve come up with a short buyer’s guide.

A Battery and Power Source in One – the Bluetti B230 and B300 Modules

Although the B230 and B300 are primarily marketed as battery modules, they do have their own set of power options. If you need an independent and portable power source, look no further- both have a type C 100W PD3.0 charger, a USB-A that can do 18W and a 12V/10A cigarette lighter port.

Bluetti celebrates power week promo with powerful savings on sustainable solar generators

A built-in MPPT for the B300 lets you charge solar on up to 200W, and with the T500 adapter your B230 or B300 will get up to 500W of AC power input.

Realize Your B230 and B300’s Potential with Bluetti’s Magic Charging Box

The D050S unlocks both B300 and B230’s full charging capability, adding lead-acid battery, AC and 12/24V car charging in the mix. Plus, you can get up to 1,400W solar input when paired with the AC200MAX.

As such, a pure DC solar generator is usually enough for a weekend camping trip or when you need a reliable battery for charging your essential devices on the go.

The B300 and B230 Have Excellent Compatibility with Other Bluetti Power Stations

Initially introduced alongside the AC300 and AC200MAX, the two power modules have become respectable charging solutions in their own right. What’s more, Bluetti has made both units compatible with other solar stations, including the EB240, the EB150, the AC200P and the AC200 once the D050S is in place.

Your existing Bluetti energy products can be as versatile as you want it to be in terms of power storage and capacity. You’ll be able to weather blackouts, as well as storms and emergency situations with Bluetti products on hand.

LiFePO4 is the Battery Game Changer

Bluetti always has their customer’s best interests at heart, and this is why they adopted the latest battery technology. LiFePO4 is currently rated the most durable and safest out of all solar station batteries, which means you’ll be able to utilize your investment for a long, long time.

Both B230 and B300 have LiFePO4 batteries, and they’re more stable than NCM chemistry types that are commonly utilized in other energy products. What’s more, you can squeeze greater performance and not have to replace as often.

A List of Bluetti Products to Check Out During the 2022 Power Week Sale

Don’t miss out on massive savings and excellent power station products you can grab during the Power Week sale, which happens from August 18 through August 28.

You can enjoy up to $999 in discount with a dual EP500 order, which boasts an amazing 10,200Wh LiFePO4 battery (with a Fusion Box), or $500 off with a single EP500 unit. The AC200MAX and B300 are down to just $3,898, while the AC200MAX and two B300 units are just $5,999.

Browse through the list of offerings and more at the official Bluetti website,


Bluetti is a major player in the renewable energy company, particularly the solar and portable power stations. Its products are made of exceptional quality and are guaranteed to last a long time. Currently, Bluetti is available in more than 70 countries across the globe.