With the world becoming more and more concerned about its future, solar-based power generators seem to be the perfect solution. As society shifts to electric cars and batteries to power them, there’s also the need to develop an alternative to lithium-ion, an element that’s slowly but surely diminishing from our earth.

BLUETTI Excites Yet Again With A Sustainable Sodium Ion Solar Power System

Enter Bluetti, a company that’s dedicated to powering the globe with sustainable alternatives to traditional power sources. It’s the leading manufacturer of innovative solar generators and panels, including the popular EP500, AC300 and AC200P. Recently, Bluetti has unveiled the world’s first sodium ion generator, the NA300 for public use.

Sodium Ion is the Future of Sustainable Energy

Lithium-ion is currently the most dominant type of battery in the world. It’s used in automobiles, aviation and mostly consumer electronics; however, the supply of lithium is rapidly becoming scarce due to large-scale demand.

In terms of chemical makeup sodium ion is one of the closest things to lithium ions. What makes it more attractive is the fact that sodium is about a thousand times more abundant. With this in mind, Bluetti set out to create the impossible and offer a green power alternative in the form of its latest product, the NA300.

Sodium ion offers better quick charging capabilities compared to traditional lithium-ion modules. Also, it performs considerably well within temperature limits and has a higher capacity retention rate and integration efficiency at 85% and 80%, respectively. Sodium ion shines in low-temp environments and in regions where there’s winter and freezing-cold seasons.

The NA300 and B480 – Built For The Future

The world’s first solar generator to make use of the new sodium-ion batteries, the NA300 is everything a family or outdoor warrior needs.

The NA300 draws similarities to Bluetti’s flagship product, the EP500 Pro in terms of style and settings. Users get a 30A L14-30 output and four 20A output ports in a 3,000 pure sine wave inverter engine, which can power up virtually every device or appliance in a typical home. The sodium ion generator even manages to amp up the solar input to 3,000W and is currently the fastest-charging unit in the market today. It only takes half an hour for the generator to reach 80% using a dual charging setup of 6,000W PV and AC sources.

BLUETTI Excites Yet Again With A Sustainable Sodium Ion Solar Power System

Due to current technological limitations of sodium ion batteries, Bluetti has opted to put in the NA300’s capacity to 3,000Wh. However, the solar generator can support up to two B480 battery modules to bring it up to a generous 12,600Wh (each B480 module has 4,800Wh). It’s enough to power a small family’s devices and necessities for days or even weeks in the event of natural disasters or power outages.

For those who want more, there’s the support for Fusion Box and the ability to link up with another NA300 generator to bring the connection to a whopping 6,000W and 240V. As far as controls are concerned, there’s the App Remote Control on iOS and Android for convenience.

Bluetti Makes Affordable and Sustainable Energy Solutions

The world’s first sodium ion solar generator NA300 is just the first of many energy stations Bluetti has in store. The company will unveil a plethora of products at the CES 2022, all of which combine state-of-the-art technology and sustainable components with a nod towards a greener future. Stay tuned or visit the official website at www.bluettipower.com for more details.

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