Green energy solutions brand BLUETTI is offering massive discounts on one of its bestselling portable power stations, the AC300 and B300, starting on March 15 and ending on March 30.

BLUETTI Launches ‘Incredible Price, Unbeatable Power’ Promo for AC300

AC300 – All-in-One Customizable Power Station That Provides Sustainable Energy

Anyone who’s experienced a sudden blackout will know how inconvenient it is to work or go through daily routines without power. However, relying on the grid is no longer your sole option, thanks to Bluetti’s AC300 power station.

Unlike other energy banks in the market, the AC300 is scalable, which means that you choose the overall capacity of your unit. It’s a 100% modular system that can reach up to 12,288Wh with four B300 units at 3,072Wh each. With this kind of available power, you can run even the most demanding appliances with ease. A single B300 battery provides enough electricity for an 800W fridge to work for three hours, or a 1,000W washing machine to work for roughly 2.6 hours.

Reliable UPS Home Backup and Long-Lasting Battery Technology

Reliable UPS Home Backup and Long-Lasting Battery Technology

The AC300 can be your home backup system and is far more environmentally-friendly compared to traditional gas generators. Bluetti’s unit can monitor your devices 24/7 and direct electricity where it’s needed the most. A response time of 20 milliseconds ensures your sensitive appliances won’t get damaged and that you can safely shut down all of them without panicking.

Inside the AC300 is a new LiFePO4 battery, largely regarded as the longest-lasting and most stable out of all the offerings today. It does away with toxic metals such as nickel and cobalt; furthermore, LFP has a lifespan of more than 3,500 cycles, which is about three times more than other battery materials.

Run Any Appliance, Or All Your Devices

A high-capacity solar station won’t be any good if it can only run small appliances. The AC300 is built to take on any and all appliances, even power-hungry ones, with absolute ease. It can churn out an impressive 3,000W continuous power on 16 outlets located at the front panel. There are six 120V/20A AC ports, a 120V/30A TT-30 port, a 24V/10A car port, various USB ports for device and electronics charging, and two wireless charging pads for on-and-off convenience.

BLUETTI Launches ‘Incredible Price, Unbeatable Power’ Promo for AC300

Topping off can be done in several ways, including solar panel, wall outlet, lead-acid battery, and generator. An AC300 and B300 unit can be charged to full via solar panels anywhere between 15.5-16 hours, while plugging it via sole AC adapter only takes up to 6.5-7 hours. Plus, you can combine both solar and AC inputs to lower the wait time and get it to 100% sooner. There’s less waiting and more time to go adventuring or preparing for the next outage.

Even Greater Capabilities with Split-Phase Bonding

If 12,288Wh capacity isn’t enough you can effectively double everything with two AC300&B300 systems in tandem. Split-phase bonding maxes out at 240V and 6,000W, which is great for high-power environments such as a small business or a large household.

BLUETTI Launches ‘Incredible Price, Unbeatable Power’ Promo for AC300

Control at the Palm Of Your Hand

The Bluetti app unlocks the AC300’s potential, offering remote control even when you’re not at home. You can set it to recharge at a certain time of day and check its status and historical data any time. In the AC300 unit itself is an LCD touchscreen that shows pertinent information, such as battery level, output and input data, and more.

Get a Chance to Own a Future-Proof Power Generator at a Fraction of the Price

Bluetti’s AC300 promo is already underway- don’t hesitate to visit the official Bluetti website at and bring one home today!

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