BLUETTI Salutes the Troops with Veterans & Military Benefits Program


Portable energy company BLUETTI recently launched its Veteran & Military Benefits Program ahead of Memorial Day.

BLUETTI Salutes the Troops with Veterans & Military Benefits Program

Military personnel currently in service or discharged can take advantage of huge discounts of up to 10% on flagship products such as the EP500 or the EP500 Pro, the AC200MAX Bundle, the EB70S, the EB55 and the AC200P. The promotion starts May 26 and ends May 31 in 2022.

Power Your Whole House Without Fail

With frequent power outages hitting the US, it makes sense to start looking towards another source when the grid goes out. The EP500 and its PRO version fits the bill nicely and allows you to continue living without sacrificing creature comforts for several days.

The EP500/EP500 PRO does more than just provide a backup power, though. The power station can be connected to the home grid and kick in the moment electricity goes out. The 5,100Wh capacity can care for appliances with 2000W or 3000W ratings without fail.

BLUETTI Salutes the Troops with Veterans & Military Benefits Program

Expandable Power Source With Massive Potential

The AC200MAX bundle consists of the AC200MAX power station and the B230 battery module. It’s a solar panel and generator, as well as an expansion battery in one convenient package. The AC200MAX can accommodate instant startups of up to 4,800 watts and high-powered appliances with 2,200 and below wattage ratings.

You can kit out the expandable solar power generator to 8,192Wh with two B300s, with charging capacity for AC at 500W and solar at 900W. Combine solar and AC and the AC200MAX tops off in just two hours’ time.

BLUETTI Salutes the Troops with Veterans & Military Benefits Program

Small in Size Yet Robust in Capacity and Features

The EB70S and EB55 may seem like lightweights, but it’s actually a plus for them and those who want to travel without being encumbered.

The difference between the EB70S and EB55 are minimal- the 55 model sports a 537Wh capacity with a 700W inverter while the 70 model touts a 716Wh LiFePO4 battery with an 800W AC pure sine wave inverter.

Both power stations have 12 outlets that allow simultaneous charging, and dual charging options via AC and solar at 200W each. A folding handle makes it easy to move them from the ground to your vehicle and vice versa.

BLUETTI Salutes the Troops with Veterans & Military Benefits Program

A Piece of Home and Tech Comfort Everywhere You Go

The AC200P is versatile as far as power stations are concerned. It can go with you on wilderness adventures, camping trips, RV journeys and fishing trips, among others. At the forefront is a 2,000Wh LiFePO4 battery that churns out an impressive and continuous 2,000W AC power.

For charging, the AC200P can take 500W AC power and 900W solar panel power. When used at the same time, it will only take less than two hours to bring the modern generator to full capacity. The AC200P has a whopping 17 ports in total, which includes type-C, car socket, a 100-120V AC outlet, USB-A, wireless charger spot and a 12V/25A RV port.

BLUETTI Salutes the Troops with Veterans & Military Benefits Program

How to Get the Veteran & Military Benefits Discount?

BLUETTI will be activating the benefits program beginning May 26 7pm Pacific until May 31 at the same time. The site will be using to confirm the person’s veteran or military status and for your privacy and security.

Those who are interested should immediately visit the official Bluetti website and begin their verification process. You can find out more by going to, or follow BLUETTI on: YouTube:

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