BLUETTI Stands at the Top of Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

BLUETTI is a brand that has consistently made headlines for its products and commitment to a sustainable future. Founded in 2019, Bluetti has not stopped improving its innovation game when it comes to producing reliable and renewable energy storage options for consumers.

BLUETTI is an acronym that reflects the company’s mission to serve. ‘Blue’ means blue sky, while the double T stands for tomorrow and technology. The I is for innovation. Overall, the name serves as a reminder to deliver clean and modern products to individuals and communities and work towards a future where everyone has access to clean and sustainable energy.

BLUETTI Stands at the Top of Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

Why Choose BLUETTI?

Blazing Innovation

Bluetti’s global team of R&D professionals has introduced forward-thinking tech such as self-learning energy management, AI-powered battery management, and cell pack thermal management. As part of its constant evolution, the brand makes that tech very accessible through the use of OTA app updates and software. 

Something for Everyone

Consumers can look forward to having a variety of options for their energy needs. From modular storage systems like the AC500+B300S and EP900+B500 to outdoor essentials like the EB70 and EB3A, Bluetti has you covered. Those who wish to be independent from the grid can make use of products like the AC300 or the AC200MAX.

BLUETTI Stands at the Top of Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

Long-Lasting LiFePO4 Batteries

Bluetti boasts reliable LiFePO4 batteries that power each of their energy storage solutions. Advanced battery material in LFP offers a longer lifespan and cycles for up to 10 years of constant use. LFP is also lighter and more efficient than lead-acid and is rated as the safest battery technology that can withstand impacts, pressure shifts, and weather fluctuations.

Leader of Clean Energy

The brand supports solar panels as the primary charging option for their products. Unlike traditional generators, Bluetti products are whisper-quiet and can accept up to 900W through solar arrays, or 9,000W via wall outlet. The company constantly receives accolades and awards from peers and the media, including CNET, Forbes, CNN, IF Design Awards, CES Innovation Awards, Red Dot Design Award, and more.

Strong Bonds with the Community

Each Bluetti product is backed with a warranty and 24/7 support. Marketing programs and building relationships with the community are done with heart and open channels of communication. Testimonies from satisfied customers who have shifted to a more renewable and sustainable lifestyle can be found on the internet and social media. 

BLUETTI Stands at the Top of Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

BLUETTI Products You Can Count On

With the world climate shifting and fossil fuel shortage, there’s a sense of urgency that we need to adopt clean energy more than ever. The disruptive power of reliable and clean energy can make a difference not just for our Earth but for our daily lives as well.

Larger-capacity Bluetti models, including the AC500+B300S and AC300+B300, have UPS features to handle sensitive electronics and sudden power outages. With an impressive 20ms response time, you can have crucial power delivered to essential loads.

The EP900 is the answer for those who want to rely on the grid less. It can be programmed to charge during off-peak hours and be active in peak hours for a lower energy bill. Paired with solar panels, consumers can sell excess energy as they want.

Bluetti also offers folding solar panels that are compatible with its energy storage products.

A Brighter Tomorrow with Bluetti

Bluetti’s products can be a constant companion for outdoor enthusiasts, off-grid communities, and weekend warriors. With a promise to bring greener energy to all, a user-centric approach, and technical excellence, there’s more than one reason to choose Bluetti as your power station brand.