Bluetti to Debut Three New Groundbreaking Products at the IFA 2022

Sustainable energy firm BLUETTI will be making an appearance during the IFA 2022, and debut three of its newest products at the Messegelande Berlin Expo Center in Berlin, Germany.

Bluetti’s latest creations, the AC500+B300S combo, the EB3A, and the much-awaited EP600, will be unveiled in the event, which runs from September 2 to 6. The leading brand in clean energy storage runs ahead of the pack with these newest additions. Let’s take a closer look at each of the three.

Bluetti to Debut Three New Groundbreaking Products at the IFA 2022

The EP600 – A Milestone in the Solar Energy Storage Industry

It’s always exciting to see a new Bluetti product in its debut, and the upcoming EP600 is no different. Bluetti says that its latest power station is powerful enough that it can run virtually any home appliance you have with absolute ease.

Currently, there isn’t a single power station that can do that, but once the EP600 is released it will certainly disrupt the market. Launch date of the EP600 is expected to be by 2023, and we might see more details surrounding the product in the coming days.

The AC500+B300S – 100% Modular for Boundless Versatility

The AC500 has been making waves recently due to its unparalleled modular characteristic. By ‘modular’, it means that the user will have the ability to bring as much or as little power as they need for their homes or on the go.

Although the AC500 unit won’t be released until September 1, there has been quite a buzz surrounding the modular power station. The EU market will be the first to get their hands on it, with other major regions following suit.

The AC500 can deliver a whopping 5,000W pure sine wave output and reach a massive 18,432Wh capacity with six B300S battery modules. You can add or take away the modules as needed, such as when you’re going on a trip or intend to power all your essential gadgets in your home. Consumers can look forward to cutting edge technology that’s a hallmark with every Bluetti power station release.

The EB3A – Portable Energy Companion for Outdoor Tech Use

Lastly, we can expect to see the EB3A during the expo event in Berlin. It’s lightweight, compact, and has several excellent quality of life improvements versus traditional power banks. For instance, the EB3A has a higher capacity at 268Wh, and has an amazing fast charge technology that tops out at 330W. You can get it up to 80 percent in just 40 minutes. Not to be outdone, Bluetti’s newest portable will have a total of nine ports for your devices, camping gear and outdoor electronics.

See Bluetti Products in Action at the IFA 2022

Those who are interested in seeing the latest and the greatest Bluetti solar products can visit Bluetti’s stall at Stand 211, Hall 3.2 at the Messe Berlin in Berlin, Germany. The exhibit will be up starting September 2 until September 6. The hall opens 10am to 6pm CEST. You can also browse other solar stations and energy solutions at the official Bluetti website,


Bluetti is a trusted sustainable power solutions company offering various clean energy products to those who want a green future. The brand has been combining cutting edge solar tech and eco-friendly practices for over 10 years. Bluetti’s presence at the IFA 2022 cements its reputation as a bold leader in the industry.