BLUETTI’s Mission to Power 1 Million African Families Starts Now


BLUETTI, a leading green energy solutions company has recently launched Project LAAF, which aims to power a million African homes by the year 2026.

BLUETTI’s Mission to Power
BLUETTI’s Mission to Power 1 Million African Families Starts Now

Bluetti is no stranger to the accessible electricity dilemma, and more so in the African region. Currently, more than 1 billion people lack electricity throughout the globe, but about half of that is concentrated in Africa.

African Families With Bluetti

Bluetti is Bringing Sustainable Lighting to African Families

Statistics say that 2 out of every 3 people in Sub-Saharan Africa are living in the dark. This is a missed opportunity in the renewable energy department as the country is rich in natural resources, particularly sunlight.

In terms of off-grid power Bluetti is emerging as one of the best in portable power stations and solar panels. Aside from making its products more accessible to the public, the company aims to make power a rightful resource no matter where people are in the world. This is exemplified by Bluetti’s push- the LAAF Program.

BLUETTI’s Mission to Power 1 Million African Families Starts Now

LAAF, or Lighting an African Family was launched in September 2021 with a goal of lighting a million African homes in 5 years’ time. Their first visit was in Nigeria and at the home of a woman who has been asking for electricity for years without any success.

Jane Adona lives in the Soweto Kibera settlement with her 5 children in a shanty room. For years, she has been trying to get electricity but to no avail. BLUETTI steps in and provides Jane a way to live with power by giving her a power storage system, solar panels and lights on the ceiling. These items are given for free and it’s just the start of many.

BLUETTI’s Mission to Power 1 Million African Families Starts Now

Overall, BLUETTI has set a goal to provide renewable and clean energy solutions at a target of 10 GW capacity and a million off-grid connections so households can use modern cooking solutions.

The Poverty in Africa

Electricity is one of the chief problems in Africa. It has the lowest access rate in the world at around 40 percent. Compared to countries such as Europe and the United States, energy consumption per capita is just 180 kWh, while the two nations have 7,500 kWh and 14,000 kWh, respectively.

The lack of electricity is affecting not just the economy in the region but its environment and people as well. Wood burning stoves are quite common but they lead to fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and add to greenhouse gases.

BLUETTI’s Mission to Power 1 Million African Families Starts Now

Bluetti recognizes how improving energy access can improve growth, particularly aspects such as education, business, health care, the economy and more.

It’s worthy to note that Africa has an enormous potential for renewable energy, but it’s not being harnessed in a way that’s effective. With Bluetti entering the picture, there’s finally a glimmer of hope that those without electricity not only gain an important asset, but also experience what it’s like to have a sustainable resource that doesn’t affect their surroundings or their planet.

Project LAAF is well underway and shows no signs of slowing down. Access to electricity even in off-grid, remote and rural areas can be achieved with a portable power station, and Bluetti is the perfect company that can make it happen. With hard work and luck, there will be a million households who will have a brighter future ahead of them.


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