Solar power enthusiasts won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on the upcoming AC500 power station from BLUETTI as the company will be introducing the first phase of crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Bluetti's Powerhouse AC500 to Launch Soon

The AC500 is the spiritual successor to the AC300 and B300 module, with more powerful features that helps users achieve total power independence. What’s more exciting is that the AC500 will soon go on Indiegogo, which means you can invest early, support the development of the solar storage monster and get massive savings as an added bonus.

Introducing the Bluetti AC500

Bluetti’s AC500 sports massive improvements over its AC300 counterpart, boasting a fully-modular ability and support for both the B300 and B300S battery packs. By itself, the AC500 provides 5,000W continuous AC with a 10K surge to cover virtually every device or home appliance, including refrigerators, washing machines and even an AC.

Bluetti’s Powerhouse AC500 to Launch Soon

The leading energy provider gives the AC500 a long-lasting LiFePO4 that can stick around for 10-plus years, with more than 3,500 charging cycles and the ability to retain around 80% total capacity. Charging is a matter of choosing from several convenient options, including via solar panels, AC, lead acid batteries and generator. You can use two or three of them and charge in tandem, with a PV and AC gathering up to 8,000W and charging the AC500 in just an hour.

The AC500 acts as a UPS, or uninterrupted power supply as well, so you won’t have to worry about hardware damage or lost data when a power outage or blackout occurs. Rounding out the details is a specially made app that can control the AC500 remotely using a smartphone. You can check the state of charge, turn the unit on or off and update the hardware’s firmware without having to go near the solar power station.

Expanding the AC500’s Power and Capacity

As far as modular capabilities go you can tailor the AC500 to suit your power needs. You can attach up to six B300S batteries for up to 18,432Wh capacity. Alternatively, you can connect two AC500 units to double the power, voltage and capacity to 6,000W, 240V and 36,864Wh using a Fusion Box Pro (sold separately).

Bluetti’s Powerhouse AC500 to Launch Soon

Homeowners will never run out of power they can use with the AC500. It’s the perfect off-grid power solution not just for homes and remote areas, but also in camping trips, road trips and outdoor expeditions. The LiFePO4 battery serves as a dependable power source that’s optimized for long-term use. All in all, the AC500 and B300S will be sure to impress those who don’t want to rely on grid power for their daily comforts and serves as a capable emergency power backup when needed.

The BLUETTI AC500 is Set to Appear on Indiegogo

Bluetti’s highly anticipated AC500 will be making an appearance on popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo soon. You can keep up with the latest news and information regarding the AC500, the B300S and other Bluetti products by subscribing to the Bluetti newsletter. Included in the newsletters are notices and deals that can get you an early bird price for the AC500 power station when it launches.


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