Boost Visibility and Interaction: A Guide to Pinning Comments on Instagram

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Boost Visibility and Interaction A Guide to Pinning Comments on Instagram

Instagram rolled out its pinned comment feature a couple of years back. And amongst other things, this feature was meant to encourage positive interaction among users. Besides, the pinned comment feature was already present on other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

As a business, pinning comments on Instagram allows you to have a more positive outlook through engagements. You can focus more on positive reviews and conversation-starters while keeping the trolls, negative comments, and spam to the minimum. You can also answer FAQs and highlight your product’s great features.

Boost Visibility and Interaction A Guide to Pinning Comments on Instagram

But the question remains – how do you leverage Instagram-pinned comments for your business? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about boosting visibility and interaction through YouTube comments.

How to Leverage Instagram Pinned Comments To Boost Your Brand Visibility and Interaction

Start by Highlighting Conversation-Starters

People on social media want to share. So give them a chance to share by sparking or stimulating conversation. Fortunately, there are a ton of trendy topics that are constantly making rounds around the internet. Find one that resonates with your brand and get to work.

Use this pinned comment feature to give your current fans thought-provoking conversations. Better yet, choose those comments that you know will get other followers to respond. Relatable quotes, funny anecdotes, daily-life experiences, or even body positivity issues.

Whatever the comment, make sure your audience feels heard and gets that sense of belonging. That way, you’ll keep them coming back for more, effectively boosting your visibility and interaction.

Use Positive Product Reviews

Customers today use ratings and reviews to help them make informed decisions about their purchases. They play a massive role in a typical sales funnel, especially for online shoppers. And for this reason, you’d do great for your brand visibility and interaction to play up positive product reviews.

Your product is great, and there are loads of people who’ve expressed this in the comments. Don’t let them get buried under other comments!

Pin the best ones and let others hear from customers who’ve actually bought the product or experienced your services. After all, research shows that buyers today tend to read reviews and ratings before making their purchases.

Answer FAQs

Answering FAQs as you pin your comments might prove to be a game changer. Of course, this is a great way to show your audience how to use your products or services.

For instance, VPNs are great tools that protect user data and allow buyers to shop the internet safely. But only a few people might be familiar with how to use a VPN. You can pin a comment highlighting a step-by-step guide on using such a tool, much to their satisfaction and reduced frustration.

Other than satisfying customer queries, and avoiding repetition, answering FAQs shows that you actually care about your audience’s concerns – and this shows care.

It also shows your commitment to customer satisfaction. Accenture’s research showed that 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands that make an effort to recognize, remember, and help them even with offers than those that don’t.

Answering FAQs also allows you to stop widespread misinformation and control the narrative. Pinning your comments as answered questions enables you to steer conversations in a direction that aligns with your brand’s message and values. This control over the narrative is crucial in maintaining a positive online presence.

Stand on racism, women’s rights, health, organic products, politics, and children’s rights are all huge social issues. For businesses, they present a chance to connect with your audience and get your engagement rates up.

When you take a stand on social issues, you showcase your brand’s authenticity and values. This attracts a fan base of like-minded people who might align with your brand’s core values and beliefs.

Not only that, but doing this also allows you to spark conversations and debates on the same pinned comment. It creates an environment where followers feel comfortable expressing their opinions, leading to increased engagement and a vibrant, active community.

How To Pin Instagram Comments

As a business or brand on Instagram, pinning comments is valuable in boosting interactions and engagement.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pin comments accurately, up-to-date, and relevant:

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and navigate to the post for which you want to manage comments.
  • Scroll through the comments section and identify the comment you want to pin. Look for a relevant comment that adds value to the conversation or reflects positively on your brand.
  • Once you have identified the comment, swipe left on it. This action will reveal a set of icons and options related to the comment.
  • Among the options that appear, look for the pin icon. It typically looks like a thumbtack or a pushpin. Tap on the pin icon associated with the chosen comment.
  • After tapping the pin icon, the comment will be pinned to the top of the comments section. It will stay there, prominently visible to anyone who views the post and its comments.
  • Repeat this process for any additional comments you want to pin. Note that Instagram allows you to pin up to three comments on a single post.

The Best Practices to Make the Most Out of Instagram Pinned Comments

  • Keep a close eye on the comments: It’s best to frequently monitor, review and moderate the comments on your post to ensure they align with your brand and community guidelines. This allows you to remove or delete those you find spammy or inappropriate.
  • Be very careful in choosing comments that align with your brand: We’ve seen brands that have incorrectly chosen wrong comments to pin accomplish the opposite (reduced engagement and visibility). Only choose sober comments that reflect your brand’s purpose or values.

In Conclusion

Pinning comments on Instagram is a valuable engagement and visibility strategy that can bring your brand success. They allow you to control the narrative, engage your audience, highlight your product’s best features and ultimately increase visibility and sales.

But even as you choose these comments, be sure to factor in Instagram’s key algorithms and your brand’s values. Failure to do so can lead to the opposite effects, which translates to reduced engagement and visibility.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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