Bordio Review: One of the Best Planners

In the modern pace of life, it is extremely difficult to keep in mind all the many tasks that need to be completed. In order not to forget about plans, to spend time and resources more efficiently, and to avoid vague task settings from the manager, use planning tools. Managing your time is a skill that can be easily mastered. This process becomes easier when you have a smartphone with time management applications at hand. Which applications to choose for your goals and wishlist are described in the article.

To learn how to plan, the first step is to start writing down all your affairs and tasks, from work to personal. You need to develop the habit of writing down everything that comes to mind to unload it. When you see a to-do list in front of you, it will be easier to allocate your time and prioritize.

Bordio Review One of the Best Planners

Establish the practice of using the daily planner online, improve your task-management abilities, and carve out time each day for the more crucial and strategic work that turns your aspirations into reality. Here is a detailed review of the Bordio daily planner – software for creating a to-do list or tasks. Thanks to the systematization of all the necessary tasks and actions, it helps to monitor the progress and create a list for the working day or organize different projects.

It is a single platform for creating tasks and events. You can set deadlines and monitor your daily and weekly activity. Tasks can be easily moved between the days.

The functions of the service help to work with tasks, set a particular deadline for each of them, and prioritize them. Track the completion time on each task to understand better which of them are more time-consuming. This is essential for the proper planning of your further tasks and projects.

Bordio Functions:

  • Creating tasks, events, and recurring activities.
  • Notifications and reminders.
  • Deadlines and priority of tasks.
  • Permanent access to your tasks at all times
  • The service works in the browser and the version is installed on a personal computer, Android and iOS.


Bordio is completely free for users!

Customize your calendar with colors

Each sort of commitment can be personalized by applying colors to assignments and activities. The use of color coding gives you a quick picture of your timetable, makes it easier to distinguish between routine activities and one-time projects, and reveals which of them take the majority of your time. You will not forget the most crucial activities for the day if you color according to your demands.

From recurrent chores, like video chats with coworkers, to distinctive one-off tasks, you may quickly set distinct colors from the existing palette and apply them to just about anything.

Create projects for more ambitious objectives

Not every plan works with routine duties. Create projects in Bordio to track its to-do list and activities for any larger initiatives.

Utilize the software to work on both individual and business projects. To assist you more effectively in managing your time and better realizing your workload, all activities will be visible in My Workspace.

Waiting list

Also, you have a special window Waiting List, which appears on the left part of the screen. You can put tasks here in case you do not know the exact date when they need to be started and completed. They can be scheduled for a particular date when you need them. It is an ideal location to keep all your ideas and plans and not rely just on your memory.

Track your daily activity

When the task is completed you put a corresponding tick in the box so you can track your past progress as well. At the end of the day, when you see all the completed tasks, you may truly reflect on your day. You can see how far you’ve come during the day and you can recall every specific assignment you’ve done. The act of finishing the activity itself is a simple but gratifying ritual that increases your sense of satisfaction and enables you to track your development.

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