Brief Overview of Boosteroid — How Does This Cloud Gaming Platform Work?


What do you know about cloud gaming? If you’ve ever tried Boosteroid then you probably already know what it’s all about. This cloud gaming platform made a long way for almost a year to become one of the leading industry players in Europe. Cloud gaming is becoming so popular that a lot of people use it on a daily basis. Some users choose it to play games on maximum graphics settings, others worship web-based access.

How Does This Cloud Gaming Platform Work?
Brief Overview of Boosteroid — How Does This Cloud Gaming Platform Work?

Technology game-changer

So, how do cloud technologies work? First of all, you need to know what remote servers are. Basically, we are talking about computers. You can use their processing power remotely and have the gameplay streamed to you over the Internet. What does it mean? You simply watch an interactive video of how you play your game on a remote server. And yes, this has been possible for at least a few years already.

The technology can be applied for different purposes, but the most common are gaming services. Why? A lot of players just don’t have the opportunity to run modern games with high-level graphics settings. The industry is evolving so fast that it’s hard to play the latest titles developed with raytracing and anti-aliasing technologies without fps drops.

Brief Overview of Boosteroid — How Does This Cloud Gaming Platform Work?

There are a lot of additional cloud gaming advantages you might don’t even know. Let’s continue with one of the biggest troubles nowadays: huge game files require too much storage. That’s why cloud gaming is a winner with no objection. There is just no need to download any files on your computer. The game is stored on the remote server.

What else? Forget about software and hardware driver updates. All this stuff is pre-installed remotely on the cloud gaming platform too. Some companies provide their services through apps, but Boosteroid has chosen a more advanced and complex way — web-based access, that enables users to run games in their browser with no additional software. The only problem with this type of technology is that you can’t avoid packet loss issues. All other troubles can be fixed.

Service for a reasonable price

Almost all cloud gaming platforms on the market are pretty much the same when it comes to pricing. Boosteroid has a few options that might help you save some money. This cloud service has a monthly subscription for almost €10, and with the annual plan, you can pay €4.16 per month.

Brief Overview of Boosteroid — How Does This Cloud Gaming Platform Work?

Boosteroid has no trial or free subscription. It is a disadvantage, but none of the platforms actually offer that. For the record, GeForce NOW has a free trial… users can enjoy the service only for 1 hour and are disconnected afterwards. You are likely to lose your game due to this, aren’t you? On the other hand, it’s always good to have a chance to test something before you buy it.

How to conquer the world?

Boosteroid took roots in Central and Eastern Europe. Players from other regions might face high latency. This is a common short-term trouble for any service. The deployment of new servers takes some time. Boosteroid promises to cover Western Europe, North and South America until the end of 2020. By 2021 the service will be available globally.

Brief Overview of Boosteroid — How Does This Cloud Gaming Platform Work?

The cloud gaming industry is expanding dramatically, while hundreds of thousands of players have already tried its benefits. Some users still can’t switch to a platform like Boosteroid because of Internet connection problems (at least 14 Mbps is required). However, it’s just a matter of time when the last gamer goes cloud.

Big giants like Nvidia, Sony, Google, etc. have already started their cloud platforms. The only problem is that there might be no room on the market. That’s why Boosteroid has become the top-3 cloud gaming provider. We would have to admit this niche needs some new technological solutions. That’s what Boosteroid has been working on for at least several years and hopefully, more gamers will give it a try.


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