Building An Internal App For Your Company – The Important Factors To Consider

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Building An Internal App For Your Company - The Important Factors To Consider

Mobile apps have quickly become a must-have element in organizations worldwide. The reasons are quite simple. Mobile applications are very effective tools to engage with customers. Around 81% of the people search for products online, and 26% of them search for the apps related to that specific product, which makes sense because people prefer to have information about a product online more than they prefer wandering malls and markets.

Many businesses don’t understand that their firms’ internal apps can dramatically boost their productivity, streamline processes, and, above all, their employees’ morale. Let’s take a busier city like San Francisco as an example. Here people cannot leave their workplaces to go out and have lunch. App developers in San Francisco have built apps for the companies where the employees can order their favorite cuisines from cafeterias without leaving their workstations, saving a lot of time that can be utilized working. Another great example comes from Google, where an internal app enables its employees to book rides, order food from cafeterias, etc.

Building An Internal App For Your Company - The Important Factors To Consider

This article will discuss some important factors to consider when making an internal app and some benefits of having an internal app, so let’s head into it.

Factors To Consider When Building An Internal App

Identify The Needs Of Your Business

Research is an important aspect of any successful app, be it a business app or an internal app. Taking your time for the initial research can give you a clear picture of your app’s goals. This research can be conducted in a couple of ways; for example, you can run a survey in your company via questionnaire fulfillment on a spreadsheet. You can analyze these demands to prioritize the app’s vital functions and exclude the ones that can wait. This initial research will determine the main direction for your app development.

Using The Right Technology

Depending upon your business’s needs, there is a vast array of technologies that you can integrate into your app. However, choosing the right features is crucial. For example, a document sharing option where employees can share documents and files with their teams or other teams, might be preferable but you can also set them to “allow access” so that only people with rights clearance can view them.

You can also integrate a separate chatroom feature for different employees to discuss their specific issues.

Focus On The UX (User Experience)

Even though the app you’re trying to build is an internal company use, still, it would be best if you don’t compromise on the user experience because the whole idea around making an internal app is to boost productivity. To meet that purpose, a good user experience is required because a cluttered app with bad UX will only create more problems. According to the stats, nearly 80% of the shortcomings in a project come around because of UX issues.

Benefits Of Having An Internal App For Your Company

Improved Communication And Collaboration

Internal collaboration in a workplace is quite a hassle, especially when employees are in alternate shifts. With so many people today working online, having a common platform to communicate and collaborate is essential. Internal apps of companies allow team members to communicate even if they are remotely located. They can also share videos, images and communicate via video through these apps, enhancing communication and internal collaboration.

Increased Efficiency

Internal apps can dramatically improve the efficiency of your workplace as it will streamline your work processes. Let’s take the example of a sales associate. While networking for leads, a sales associate has to note down the information and later add it to the company servers. An internal app can make this process smoother by letting the user insert this information instantly into servers through an app instead of writing it down.

Employee Training

An internal app can play a vital role in the company’s employee training. With these apps, employees of different departments can share their expertise. Also, the company gives access to its employee for centralized training courses and much more. Such things will raise employees’ morale, encourage them to learn more, and increase productivity.

These were some reasons why an internal app could be beneficial for your company. Keep above mentioned key factors in mind to develop an internal app that rocks.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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