Building Team Spirit Remotely: 5 Fun Game Apps for Virtual Team Bonding

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Building Team Spirit Remotely 5 Fun Game Apps for Virtual Team Bonding

Remote work is great, but let’s be honest, we miss the coffee breaks and desk chats, right? Creating that team vibe online isn’t so easy. But here’s a fun twist: game apps! They’re not just for kicks—they’re the secret sauce to jazz up your virtual team.

Picture this: your team, scattered across the globe, laughing and bonding over a game. These apps are more than just games – they’re your ticket to keeping the team spirit alive in the digital world. Ready to make those team meetings something everyone looks forward to? Let’s check out these five awesome game apps that are perfect for virtual team building.

Building Team Spirit Remotely 5 Fun Game Apps for Virtual Team Bonding

1. Kahoot! – The Quiz Master

Ever wanted to host your own game show? Enter Kahoot!: the app that turns your team meeting into a buzzing quiz show. It’s all about fun quizzes you create yourself – anything from ‘Who knows the boss best?’ to ‘Movie trivia’ and everything in between.

How it works:

Everyone gets to answer on their own device, but the results pop up on the shared screen. So, imagine the laughs when you see who thought the capital of France was ‘Baguette’! It’s a fantastic way to break the ice and see a different, more hilarious side of your colleagues.

Team building tips:

Spice things up with a themed quiz – maybe one on office inside jokes, or a throwback to that unforgettable team outing. It’s all about making those questions fun and relatable.

2. Jackbox Games – The Party Starter

Think of Jackbox Games as your go-to for a virtual game night. This isn’t just one game; it’s a whole party pack! You’ve got trivia, drawing games, word games – you name it. The best part? You only need one person to host and share their screen, while everyone else joins in with just their phones or tablets.

How it works:

Since there are a variety of games, there’s something for every group. For creative teams, they’ll love drawing the ridiculous prompts in “Drawful.” Sharper teams, on the other hand, will love coming up with witty answers in “Quiplash.” It’s all about being creative and a bit silly. You’ll see a side of your teammates you never knew existed – like who’s secretly a meme genius or a master of puns.

Team building tips:

Don’t forget to take screenshots of the funniest moments. They’re great for a team photo album or to bring up at the next virtual happy hour. Who knew team building could be this hilarious?

3. Houseparty – The Social Hub

Miss hanging out with your team? Houseparty is like bringing the team to your living room – virtually, of course! This app combines video chatting with a bunch of built-in games, making it the perfect blend of chill and thrill.

How it works:

Games like ‘Heads Up!’, ‘Trivia’, and ‘Quick Draw’ let you see who’s the best at guessing charades or who’s a trivia king or queen. And while you’re guessing movie titles or drawing like a pro, you can see everyone’s reactions live. It’s all the fun of a team hangout without having to leave your couch.

Team building tips:

Kick off with a casual chat, then dive into the games. It’s a great way to ease into the fun and makes for a super relaxed, super enjoyable team time.

4. – The Creative Challenge

Ready to unleash your team’s inner artists (or at least, doodlers)? is a simple yet ridiculously fun drawing and guessing game. It’s all about one person drawing something wild and the rest guessing what on earth it’s supposed to be.

How it works:

Whether you’re sketching a masterpiece or something that looks like a five-year-old’s scribble, the guesses will have everyone in stitches. Plus, it’s super easy to play – no app downloads, just hop on a link and you’re set. It’s a great way to lighten the mood and get those creative juices flowing.

Team building tips:

Throw in some custom words related to your team or workplace. It’s a hilarious way to personalize the game and can lead to some truly memorable team in-jokes.

5. QuizUp – The Trivia Face-Off

If your team loves a good challenge, then QuizUp is your arena. This is the app where trivia buffs can shine, and the rest can have a blast trying. With a ton of different categories, you can go head-to-head on just about anything – from pop culture to ancient history.

How it works:

You can play the default categories, or you can get personal and create custom trivia matches. Imagine a quiz about your company’s history or the funny moments at last year’s Christmas party. It’s a great way to mix learning with laughter and get everyone engaged.

Team building tips:

Set up a regular trivia night and crown a ‘Quiz Champion’ each time. It’s a fun way to foster a little friendly competition and keep everyone looking forward to the next round.


And there you have it – five fantastic game apps to keep your virtual team connected, laughing, and bonding. Each app brings its own flavor of fun and engagement, making those remote meetings something to really look forward to. So why not mix things up at your next virtual gathering? Whether you’re drawing silly pictures, answering quirky trivia, or laughing over a game of charades, these moments are what make a team not just colleagues, but a truly connected community.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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