Today, businesses depend heavily on software tools more than before. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is the most important tool for businesses.

Business & Phone Analytics: Many Benefits Of Tracking Phone Calls To Business

CRM is a great help for businesses. You can gain insight into your business details and maintain structured records of your leads as well as customers effectively. As a result, you can keep a better track of customer base and improve your customer service to drive sales.

With businesses using software tools such as CRM for their day-to-day operations, it is obvious to integrate phone analytics with the software tools. Phonexa phone analytics is an incredible solution for all your business needs.

Modern phone call systems, or the Unified Communication Solutions, now ensure the phone system can access as well as use the data in the CRM solution.

This gives a unique opportunity to businesses to gain an insight into customers when they call. It also allows businesses to improve their ways to measure phone conversations with leads, customers, and more.

Let’s understand how phone analytics and CRM can benefit businesses.

#1: Understand Each Call

Integrating your business calls with your CRM ensures you have access to the CRM record of callers. As a result, you would know:

  • The company of the caller
  • The location of the caller
  • Whom did the caller last speak with
  • What was the context of the conversation

Getting caller information can improve the incoming calls in the future. It can also give you quick access to your existing customer data and enable the outbound calling team to focus on having better conversations with leads and customers. 

#2: Improved Customer Service

Having customer insights without asking questions saves a lot of time. It is also an important step to create the base of a more pleasant conversation.

For instance, if a customer were calling, would you not try to know when he/she placed the last order or when they contacted the support team? That insight is a great help that moves conversation faster while streamlining communication.

If your business data is stored in the CRM, you should enable a robust business phone analytics system to benefit from the information.

#3: Better Call Management

Some businesses depend on a large volume of calls, such as those involving call centers. Call center managers handle staffing decisions, call volume, and call center training. With phone analytics, you can streamline these processes and handle these tasks seamlessly.

With a quality phone analytics system, businesses can extract information related to queue logs, status, concurrent calls, and call logs. All this information authorizes businesses to stay ahead in real-time and lead the team effectively.

Quality call reports also give insights into calls by the hour, which includes peak call volumes and call drop. With this data, businesses can assess the time required to manage that kind of call volume.

As managers can’t monitor all the calls, it is important to review the calls later with the help of call recordings. Phone analytics is a great aid in this regard.

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