Buy FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush For Just $48

Without a doubt, electric toothbrush serves the purpose of cleaning and safety of the tooth. Keeping in view the importance and people tendency towards its usage, our oral products are one of our main concerns. FOSOO has established itself the well-known brand that manufactures the electric toothbrushes brushes i.e. APEX SONIC ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH

Believe it or not, your teeth get exposed to diseases when you don’t do proper care and use the rights products. Oral products don’t mean only to whiten your teeth, apart from that there are other things to do for example protection of gums, shining of teeth and prevent from making oral products that serve the purpose to keep your teeth healthy and shining forever.

Buy FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush For Just $48
Buy FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush For Just $48

APEX Sonic electronic toothbrush includes different cleaning modes that are polishing, whitening and taking care of the gums. As per gums strengths there three different intensities available for better user-experience. These are high, low and medium. Adjust where you are comfortable doing brush.

This electric toothbrush vibrates at the height rate that is 42000 motions in one minutes leaving no space between the teeth that needs to be cleaned. When it comes its style and look, it’s second to none. This is how FOSOO tried to entice the audience with unique designs.

Buy FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush For Just $48

Features of FOSOO APEX Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush

  • l  180 days battery life
  • includes Clean, White, Gum Care, Polish modes
  • Two Brush Heads
  • Low Noise less Than 50 dB
  • 42, 000 sonic vibrations in one minute

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