If you’re an iPad user, you may own kinds of accessories for various purposes. You might think you have everything you need to improve your work efficiency, to get the most out of the tablet. But what if we can wirelessly charge the iPad? That will definitely make a difference.

Buy PITAKA's iPad Pro Wireless Charging Accessories Before They Are Gone

PITAKA, a leading brand in material technology, managed to add wireless charging capability to the iPad mini 6 last year with a specially-made case and charger. This time, they upgraded their technology and brought a more sophisticated wireless charging solution to iPad Pro users.

MagEZ Case Pro

Buy PITAKA’s iPad Pro Wireless Charging Accessories Before They Are Gone

The slim, Magic Keyboard compatible iPad case is the core of this magnetic charging system. It has built-in cables connecting the USB-C port to the charging module at the center. And the magnetic design and the external contact magnetic “X” pins allow it to magnetically attach to the included charger or the MagEZ Charging Stand, thus juicing up the tablet.

The case is ultra-slim to fit seamlessly with the Apple Magic Keyboard. And the internal three-pin patented design lets you charge the iPad Pro through the USB-C port on the keyboard. Also, your Apple Pencil can magnetically attach to the iPad and charge.

Precision cutout ensures easy access to buttons and ports. If you need to use the USB-C port on the tablet, simply remove the included cover; otherwise, keep it plugged in to prevent dust and so you can enjoy the snap-and-charge experience.

PitaFlow Charger

Buy PITAKA’s iPad Pro Wireless Charging Accessories Before They Are Gone

The PitaFlow Charger, shipped with the MagEZ Case Pro, looks and works like the Apple MagSafe Charger. Just snap it to the back of your iPad using the MagEZ Case Pro, and it will juice up your device without having to plug into a cable. Playing games or browsing while charging becomes easier since there’s no charging cable sticking in the C port to get in your way.

MagEZ Charging Stand

Buy PITAKA’s iPad Pro Wireless Charging Accessories Before They Are Gone

The PitaFlow Charger aside, you can also wirelessly charge your iPad using the MagEZ Charging Stand and MagEZ Case Pro.

The iPad stand is also magnetic and made to support wireless charging. Magnetically attach your iPad to the stand to free your hands, so you can work like a pro. And you don’t need to worry about dying battery during long-haul meetings. The stand will charge your device while you focus on your big project.

Additionally, the MagEZ Charging Stand elevates your iPad to a comfortable viewing angle to save you from neck strain. It’s rotatable between landscape and portrait orientations. Add a mouse and keyboard, and you can turn your iPad into a desktop computer.

You can buy the case and stand as a bundle to get a hassle-free wireless charging-like experience. The magnetic charging kit is part of PITAKA’s PitaFlow for Tablets system, which includes a series of magnetic products that transform the way you use your iPad. If you need to carry your iPad on the go, you may use the MagEZ Folio for on-the-go protection and a convenient standing position setup. If you need to carry your Magic Keyboard as well, the FlipBook Case is the perfect accessory that makes carrying your productivity tools effortless.

Limited-time discounts:

  • First-time buyers on the PITAKA website will get a free USB-C cable. Or you sign up for their Reward program to get a 10% off discount.
  • Buy the MagEZ Case Pro and the MagEZ Charging Stand and get the FlipBook Case at $49. The original price is $89, and the promo starts from March 23 until March 31.
  • PITAKA Spring Sale takes up to 50% off its phone cases. And the MagEZ Slider is 15% off. The MagEZ Car Mount is 5% off for the Spring Sale event. 
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