Buy TikTok Followers: Expectations vs Reality


Many people who buy TikTok followers do so for several reasons. The first is because they want to grow their account and get more attention and following from other TikTok users.

Buy TikTok Followers: Expectations vs Reality

And the second is that they hope it will bring them significant financial rewards. Even businesses do so with the idea that having many TikTok followers will add substantial value.

For individuals, buying followers is intended for increased exposure, greater credibility, and improved engagements.

But are you assured of the advantages 100%? Do the expectations match reality? What should you expect to face if you decide to buy followers?

Here are more details to help you match your expectations and reality.

Some services offer fake followers and bots

Purchasing TikTok followers is an easy thing these days, and you might be at a crossroads of whether to do it or not.

You expect to get influence, more likes and comments if you decide to buy followers. However, it is not entirely accurate as the followers are bots.

It means that they will not interact with your content compared to real followers gotten through organic means. Therefore, you should tame your expectations that if you purchase TikTok followers, your account will have all the likes and comments you crave.

Furthermore, you can lose your account if TikTok detects that you are using bots or bought fake followers. Even if you don’t lose your account, you may still have difficulty getting real followers because they’ll see how few people interact with your content and think you’re boring.

An increase in influence is not instant

TikTok users purchase followers in the hopes of increasing your influence on the platform. The idea is simple: a large following will attract more likes, comments, and views to your videos, boosting your profile’s visibility and helping you reach more people.

However, you should differentiate your desires and how the system works to avoid disappointments. You might expect an instant increase in engagement, but this is rarely the case. The reason is that you can’t control the types of followers you get when purchasing TikTok followers.

Hence, don’t expect an instant boost in engagement because it doesn’t work like that. It takes time for your new followers to engage with your profile. Also, the increase should appear organic, so you should not buy the followers in quick successions.

The Possibility of Being Scammed

Buying followers has become an integral part of TikToker’s promotional strategy. It is a way to quickly boost your numbers, make you look legit, and possibly gain more organic followers.

On the other hand, when you buy followers, there are some things you should be wary of, which might be different from your expectations.

One is that you can be easily duped. Many starters end up in the hands of scammers by companies that sell fake TikTok followers or accounts in exchange for money. These accounts are not real and were created to rip off unsuspecting users.

When you get duped, there is nothing you can do, and worse still, there is the possibility of losing your account.

There is no guarantee to Popularity

Increased followers don’t guarantee increased views and popularity. This is because your account’s popularity depends on different things, including video quality and the overall demand for your content.

You might buy the followers, but you should know that you cannot entirely depend on them. It would be best if you still put efforts into getting other organic ones, failure to which your freedom expectations will remain a mirage. Ultimately, you should combine purchasing followers and other organic practices to ensure increased likes and influence.


Buying followers on TikTok is now not a new concept, although, to some, it is. If you are new to TikTok, getting followers might be your biggest concern, and you might consider

purchasing some. As such, these tips are vital in helping you manage your expectations. Otherwise, if you go blindly, you will make costly mistakes, lose your account, and injure your online reputation.

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