Cabhit Android & iPhone App Offers Free Child Seat for Airport Transfers in the UK

Not all cabs and taxis in the UK come with a child seat, which can prove to be bothersome for those with infants who’ve just arrived or need to go the airport.

The Cabhit app seeks to solve just that, by offering a list of available taxis and cabs with booster seats, infant car seats and child car seat in airports and cities across UK. Best of all, it’s available on both Android phones and the iPhone.

Need a Cab With a Child Carrier?

The main purpose of Cabhit is to provide parents and passengers who need a Heathrow Airport taxi or cab with a baby seat. The app is free to download and requests are free of charge.

It’s a convenience not to be overlooked. Not all taxi services and cab companies in the UK have them, and having to hail a new ride every time you’re with a baby or young child equals great trouble.

Now, rather than having a hit or a miss you can download the Cabhit app, which is available on the Play Store and App Store and get what you need in a hurry. The service allows for airport transfers around UK regardless of whether you’ve just arrived or are heading to a flight.

The Cabhit app is easy to use and requesting a cab with child seat is easy. In the process of booking you can choose either ‘Booster Seat’ or ‘Child Car Seat’ depending on your preference and continue. Then sit back, relax and the taxi that arrives will have what you need.

Cabhit is a UK taxi and cab network that allows customers to book taxis online. Users get to have multiple options, such as car type or car seat via the web, Android or iOS app.

Cabhit’s site also has useful features such as a taxi price calculator, an FAQ and more.

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