Can we use 5G Outdoor Router for Indoor Broadband Network?

Part I. What is 5G Outdoor CPE?

5G CPE is a kind of 5G terminal device. It will receive the 5G signals from ISPs’ basic stations and transfer them into LAN or WiFi signals. Then the users can access the 5G Internet. 5G indoor CPE is placed indoors, which can be applied in home, school, office, etc. As for 5G outdoor ONU router, it is deployed outdoors, especially in harsh environments.

Part II. Why do we need 5G outdoor CPE?

5G outdoor CPE can be deployed outdoors, especially in harsh environments. With the development of IoT, nowadays more and more outdoor application is closely connected to big data and broadband. 5G outdoor CPE can be greatly applied in many scenarios such as cameras, TV broadcasts, and IoT gateway, which requires large volumes of data transmission with broadband.

5G Outdoor Router for Indoor Broadband Network?

It’s convenient to use the 5G outdoor CPE in traveling or on business. Some areas with extremely low/high temperatures can also adopt the outdoor CPE. It would be much more suitable to be used than the indoor CPE under this condition like a steel mill. 

The outdoor CPE is also a good choice if you want to receive a stronger 5G signal. Because 5G networks use higher frequency bands, signals have a limited ability to penetrate walls and window glass. However, the outdoor 5G transmissions will be much stronger than inside signals if the penetration loss hits 12-26dB.

Part III. Can we use 5G outdoor router for indoor broadband network?

The answer is obvious if you have read the preceding paragraphs. The fact is that one main application case for outdoor 5G CPE is to provide internet for inside regions by utilizing the stronger 5G signal outdoors. Higher signal bars result in improved wireless performance. It is not always about performance that makes the difference. The interior 5G signal may be too weak to provide internet access, whereas the outdoor signal is still strong enough to provide a good data rate.

For example, we can set up a wireless home network with V-SOL 5G outdoor CPE XGC5552 and mesh router HG3610ACM.

The frame below shows that the 5G outdoor CPE receives 5G signals from the 5G base station. The electrical impulses are then transmitted to the wifi mesh router via a cable that connects both devices. This wifi mesh router will also serve as the primary router. There are multiple wifi mesh routers scattered throughout your home that serve as slave routers. The mesh wifi network will be established in your home by these wifi mesh routers. A wireless home network is effectively formed in this structure.

Can we use 5G Outdoor Router for Indoor Broadband Network?

Features of V-SOL V-SOL outdoor 5G CPE router XGC5552:

The 5G CPE device can be installed on the walls or poles, which can withstand terrible weather whether rainy or of high temperature. The download rate reaches 3.5Gbps. It supports PoE power supply. There is a 2.5 Gigabit LAN port, which enables it to connect to a host of devices with Ethernet cables, making it possible to be applied in varied scenarios. It supports 5G SA/NSA and LTE/WCDMA global cellular bands. Thanks to the 5G SRS  Antenna Switching by 4 antennas, the 5G Outdoor CPE detects the signal in real time to provide reliable performance even when encountering interference.

Can we use 5G Outdoor Router for Indoor Broadband Network?

All in all, 5G outdoor CPE router can be adopted for both indoor and outdoor networks, which can bring a different Internet experience with easy installation and high performance.