Can You Install A Keylogger On An iPhone?

We all love Apple, especially for the reason that it provides the safest and most secure atmosphere for its users. Unlike Android phones, there are hundreds of limitations in Apple products as they give the first priority to their user’s security. And they won’t let you access those options which pose a threat to you or your data. But the same limitations can work up against you when you want to keep a check on the messages that your spouse/lover is sending to others. Or maybe when you want to check that what kind of language does your child uses while sending messages. And what all does he like to search on the internet. This makes us ask a question that can you install a keylogger on an iPhone? Well, the answer is quite complicated. It’s impossible on the one hand and possible on the other.

So let’s see the cases when you can’t use a keylogger on an iPhone and what all you need to do to let the magic happen.

Can You Install A Keylogger On An iPhone?

Can I Install And Use A Keylogger On An iPhone?

Can You Install A Keylogger On An iPhone?

You Can’t Install Keylogger On A Non-Jailbroken iPhone

As confirmed by Spydrill, you can’t install a keylogger without jailbreaking the iPhone of your kid, employee, or your lover. And if you somehow manage to install it, you can’t use it for sure.

The thing is that keylogger is not an app that you can easily find on the App Store and install it. Keylogger software is provided by spy apps and we all know that Apple doesn’t allow such apps to exist in App Store.

Earlier, when the spy apps were installed on an iPhone, it used to extract all the information that was backed up on the iCloud. And installing the app on an iPhone was also easy. You just need to have the iCloud details of the target person and the 2FA should have been disabled.

But the recent changes done by Apple has rendered all the spy apps useless. According to the new changes presented by Apple, now the 2FA requires to be enabled on an iPhone. And if you go to Settings to turn off the 2FA, you’ll see that the option has been grayed out, meaning, you can’t make changes to that option.

There’s still a way you can turn off the two-factor authentication on the target phone. For that, you need to make a new iCloud account. But the fun part is that this solution is not permanent either. On the new iCloud account that you created, you have a 2 weeks time to manually enable 2FA. If you don’t do that manually, Apple will enable the 2FA option automatically and make it unchangeable again.

Now you must be thinking that 2 weeks time is enough for me to check for the messages that my lover is sending to others. Or to check how your teen talks to their friends and the stuff they enjoy watching on the internet, right!

Don’t forget it’s Apple we are talking about here. The company has worked with all might and main to close all the gates for iCloud spy apps. Once you create a new iCloud account and then try to access the iCloud details with the spy app, Apple immediately detects what’s happening on their servers and instantly triggers a password reset. Now a new password has to be set, the 2FA will be enabled again, hence leaving the iCloud spy apps useless again.

What Do I Need To Do To Install And Successfully Use A Keylogger On An iPhone?

As we told above, it’s not completely impossible to install and use a keylogger on an iPhone. There’s a way using which you can not only use a keylogger but other stunning features of a spy app too. These other features include access to call recordings, messages, chats from social media, remote access to the camera, VOIP call recordings, and so on.

To access keylogger and all of these features, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone. Just as FlexiSPY said, no jailbreak or no solution. As simple as that.

If you have ever installed a spy app on an iPhone with the previous settings where 2FA was editable, you might know that the keylogger feature was still not available for the users. And the reason is the same as we told before that only that data will be presented before you which is uploaded on the iCloud account of the target iPhone.

So all in all, the only option you are left with is to jailbreak the target iPhone device and then enjoy the keylogger feature of the spy app.

Be Aware Of The False Statements And Promises

While searching for the best keylogger apps on the internet, you’ll find some apps promising to give you the best services to keep an eye on all the keystrokes that the target person performs on their device and that too without jailbreaking your iPhone. But we are more than happy to enlighten you with the truth that all these statements are bogus and make sure you don’t fall for them.

These apps will reveal how easy it is to use the keylogger to track the messages of your loved ones. And they will entice you to purchase their services. And once you purchase their app and try to install their services on the target iPhone, you’ll definitely come across the problems we discussed above. We are quite sure that you won’t get any refund either. So think before taking any action because it’s better safe than sorry.

Best Keylogger For iPhone

Can You Install A Keylogger On An iPhone?

Coming to the crux of the article as to which app offers the best keylogger for iPhone. Well, if you ask us to recommend an app, we would definitely suggest you take a crack at FlexiSPY. The app offers only jailbroken solutions for iPhone monitoring and clearly states that it’s not possible to monitor the keystrokes without jailbreaking the iPhone.