CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

Do you still have room for your stocking full of gifts? CASETiFY’s products are always worth a look, especially if you know someone who’s very particular about their tech accessories. From customizable iPhone cases to watch bands and snazzy phone straps, CASETiFY has exactly what you want.

Take a gander at our CASETiFY 2022 Holiday Gift Guide on the best-selling products you can buy right now.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide
CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For That One-of-a-Kind Gift – The Customizable Phone Case

Plain smartphone cases are so last decade. Everyone wants something that makes them stand out from the crowd, and for this reason the Customizable Case from CASETiFY has you covered.

Upload your desired photo or image on social media and CASETiFY can make it happen. You can choose to get it in Bounce, Ultra Impact, or Impact, all of which offer excellent protection against bumps and scratches. As a gift, a customizable case will be a memorable memento and something the recipient will truly cherish.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For The High-End Phone Owner – The Bounce Case

Have a friend who always has the latest and the greatest tech devices? The Bounce Case ensures that they can keep their investment shiny and new for a long time.

CASETiFY’s ‘most protective’ case is also one of the lightest, and it’s fully customizable too. You can have their favorite saying or phrase, profile pic, or fictional character printed in several font and style options.

On the functional side, the Bounce has raised camera ring and bezels, and it has an antimicrobial coating to keep things clean. You’d be glad to know that the material is partly made from plant-based components and upcycled CASETiFY products.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For The Vain – The Clear Case

Clear cases are meant to display the iPhone 14, for example, in full glory and tell everyone, ‘hey, I have the latest smartphone!’

CASETiFY’s Clear Case has a scratch-resistant finish and industry-leading UV Defender technology that prevents yellowing. It’s tested against daily elements, such as the sun’s UV rays and ketchup, coffee, and wine, so you’ll know that it will hold up well.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For The Weekend Warrior and Sports Enthusiast – The Impact Watch Case

Though the newest smartwatch screens are made tougher nowadays, you can still benefit from added protection.

CASETiFY’s Impact Watch cases come in either metal or plastic form, with excellent sweat- and water-resistance via a matte sandblast finish. The watch face will be protected on all sides, and the case has raised bezels to prevent scuffing and cracks from hard impacts.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For The Sophisticated Tech User – The Stainless Steel Monolink Watch Band

Stainless links are a timeless classic for watch-wearers, and if you have a person in mind who can rock this style with ease, then the CASETiFY Monolink Watch Band is a must-gift.

The watch band has a fine brushed finish and a 316 stainless steel rating, which takes care of corrosion, sweat, and inadvertent water spills. Wrist size is essentially a non-factor, thanks to easy adjustability and the inclusion of a link removal tool.

The Monolink Watch Band is also universally compatible with every known smartwatch brand and model.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For The Tablet-Obsessed – The Ultra Impact iPad Case

Coming in varying designs, the Ultra Impact iPad Case will surely come in useful for those who have a 10th-generation iPad. CASETiFY’s product is the first to have the EcoShock technology, a plant-based material that can absorb shocks like a champ and drops up to four feet.

CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide

For Those With Two Left Hands – The CASETiFY Phone Strap

Make a friend’s phone last until next year or so with the help of a thoughtful gift. The CASETiFY Phone Strap helps keep the smartphone from slipping out of clumsy hands and comes in a variety of styles, including metal, utility, rope, and leader.

These are just a few gift ideas you can give someone this holiday. For a complete list of products make sure to visit the official CASETiFY Holiday Gift Guide page.