Charge Your Gadgets On-the-Go with Portable and Versatile iWALK Power Bank

The iWALK MAG-X Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is an innovative charging solution, with quality of life improvements such as a built-in kickstand, a more ergonomic design, and a smart LED display to distinguish itself from hundreds of other power banks in the market.

The iWALK MAG-X Magnetic Wireless Power Bank – An Overview

The iWalk Mag-X is an impressive piece of hardware– it’s slim, offers a hefty 5,000mAh charging capacity, and best of all, has wireless magnetic charging for supported phones. Gone are the days when you needed to bring a cable to charge your devices, which will only prove to be cumbersome once you’re out and about.

Charge Your Gadgets On-the-Go with Portable and Versatile iWALK Power Bank

It’s worth noting that the power bank works with MagSafe-supported models, including the latest iPhone 14 lineup, the iPhone 13, and iPhone 12. Furthermore, you’ll find that MagSafe cases should be able to transmit a charge as well.

iWalk Mag-X Power Bank Features

Strong Magnetic Suction

The power bank has magnetic charging technology that’s similar to MagSafe– it’s strong enough to hold your iPhone or device in place without the fear of it falling off. Incidentally, you can charge your mobile in portrait or landscape mode and still get the same current. This becomes handy when you need to set your phone on a table for video calling and hands-free use.

Ergonomic Grip and Design

The Mag-X addresses a common-yet-unaddressed pain point with wireless powerbanks by making the edges more tapered. iWalk invented the ‘arc edge’ so you can hold both devices comfortably. The back texture is an added bonus and lends an extra grip and ensures your device won’t fall on the ground.

Foldable Kickstand

Forget having to bring a separate kickstand or going through the trouble of propping your mobile up with a book- the Mag-X does that for you. What’s noteworthy about it is you can effectively get your phone screen at the desired angle in portrait or landscape mode. The mechanism is neatly hidden in the power bank’s shell so you can tuck it away if you’re not using it.

5,000mAh Capacity

At 5,000mAh you can charge an iPhone 14 a second time to 100%, doubling its capacity. The Mag-X takes a charge via USB-C, and there’s a cable included. It’s a multi-purpose charger that can be charged while providing juice to your iPhone simultaneously.

Smart LED Display

An LED display is pretty much moot at this point, but it’s still nice to see on a modern magnetic charging power bank. Basically, the screen tells you how much charge the built-in battery has left, as well as the status, e.g., charging wirelessly or not.

Slim and Portable

At just roughly 4 inches tall and a third of a pound, the Mag-X is comparable to an iPhone 13 mini in terms of dimensions and weight. You’ll still be able to use the rear camera while charging, and afterward, put it inside your bag without becoming a burden.

Charge Your Gadgets On-the-Go with Portable and Versatile iWALK Power Bank

iWALK Mag-X Charging Experience

Charging our iPhone devices using the iWalk Mag-X was seamless, and the magnet stuck securely to it. The ergonomic design was right on point– it didn’t feel too bulky, and we could hold the phone for about an hour without feeling hand fatigue.

The iWalk Mag-X works as advertised, and the included kickstand is a nice touch. It definitely adds convenience to the way we went about our daily work, and it’s not too heavy even while in our pocket.

Should You Buy the iWALK MAG-X Magnetic Power Bank?

If you’re looking for a wireless charging power bank for your MagSafe iPhone, then the iWalk Mag-X Magnetic Wireless Power Bank should be at the top of your list. It’s ergonomic, easy to use, and eliminates the need to bring a cable when you’re outdoors.