Choosing a Laptop for Studying as a Student: useful tips

Does a student need a laptop? Absolutely. Modern teaching methods require students to have a laptop. Without a modern computer, it is impossible to study properly, no matter how hard you try. Students are often asked to prepare essays, to perform various tasks in electronic format, and that is why the laptop, as well as its choice, is an extremely important process because it is important to choose a high-quality device that will serve you for many years without failures. In this article, we will review the budget options of quality laptops for studying.

Ergonomics (size, weight, durability, cable length)

A laptop for university studies should be lightweight and compact. Consider that you need to take it for a ride in public transport, to run from floor to floor, to eat at a small table in the canteen and to charge it when it is discharged. Look for a model that is light but not fragile. It is good if its body is made of durable plastic or aluminum. The cable length should be long enough to reach the nearest outlet.

Sometimes it makes sense to buy not a full laptop, and a tablet with a separate keyboard for it. This will greatly reduce weight and give freedom of movement. And it can perform all the same operations as the laptop: record text and audio lectures, make tests, mark important to-do lists on the calendar, etc.

Headset (keyboard, mouse, headphones)

If your classmates already have laptops, you’ve heard how loudly they click their fingers on the keyboard. Look for a headset with minimal noise (rubber or membrane) – this will be less distracting not only to fellow students but also to yourself. 

Having headphones and a mouse is a matter of habit and functionality. Headphones are necessary for students of linguistic specialties, where you have to listen to foreign speech all the time. A mouse will be useful for searching the Internet, but it is not a required accessory – a touchpad is enough for many people.

Take care to buy some flash drives as well. These can store information on exam questions for different subjects, laboratory work, and other important information that will not be available when the computer suddenly went down to study. Don’t neglect it, because if you unexpectedly lose important study information you will have to get computer science homework help to turn in your homework on time.

Performance, startup speed

Before choosing a laptop for study 2021, the student should pay attention to the loading speed of the device. The laptop should boot as fast as possible because teachers will not wait.

It is worth understanding that a laptop for a humanities student does not need the same power that students in engineering need. But it should work quickly with the most frequent and common programs for a particular specialty: AutoCad, Photoshop, etc.


If you think about how to choose the right laptop for studying at a university/institution, do not forget that it must cope with the main tasks that will be set for the student. 

The best laptop for studying 2021 at university should do the following well:

  • work with presentations, 
  • process research for term and dissertation papers,
  • work with images,
  • have Internet access,
  • have Bluetooth connectivity,
  • perform the simplest tasks in an office package (Excel, Word, etc.).

Other options

Pay attention to the following parameters when choosing a notebook:

Processor. The heart of your machine, on which depends how fast it will work. AMD processors are noticeably cheaper than Intel, but for the same performance, the former produce much more noise and are hotter.

RAM. The more the better. Don’t even look at variants with less than 4 GB RAM. And if you seriously work with graphics – buy a laptop with 8 GB of RAM.

Hard drive. A place to store everything. Again, the more the better. The budget version of the laptop will be equipped with an HDD drive. But if your options allow, choose an SSD drive. Such a hard drive is much faster and quieter.

Display. Here the screen diagonal, color rendering, and viewing angle are important. If you need a laptop for the Internet, watching movies, and working with text, you cannot particularly bother about the characteristics of the screen. A matte screen does not glare as well as a glossy one and will allow you to work comfortably in any light. The most common matrix screens: IPS or TN. TN-matrices are considered to be of lower quality, but even among them, there are some that give a decent picture. How to choose the best among a wide variety? If there are no special requirements to the screen, you should be guided by your personal feeling, how much you feel comfortable looking at it.

Design. Do not neglect the appearance when choosing a device and focus only on the stuffing. After all, if you like a thing, then work on it will be a pleasure. It is also important to pay attention to the ergonomics of the keyboard: it must be, first of all, comfortable.

The battery. A student laptop should hold a charge as long as possible.

Top 10 student laptops

Here are the top 10 best laptops for students in terms of price-performance ratio:

  • Acer ASPIRE ES1-523 3.0
  • Lenovo G50-30
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Z5070
  • ASUS X550LD
  • Digma CITI E302
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 320s 13
  • HP Envy 13-ad007ur
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5″
  • ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UA

Laptop for the Humanitarian

This is the easiest option: to prepare the text of term papers, essays, or diplomas, as well as watch a movie or surf the Internet, you can use almost any laptop.

The difficulties of choice begin when you have to look for a laptop for specific tasks.

Notebook for designers

Many believe that graphic works perfectly suited technique Apple, but it does not fall under the concept of a budget. Therefore, a young designer does not need to buy it at all.

Initially, it was the Mac OS system that gave the best opportunities to work with the design. For example, the first Photoshop was created in 1987 on this platform.

Now you can successfully create a design in Windows. Particular attention should be paid to the color rendering of the display, processor performance, and video card, especially if you work with 3D models. RAM is also needed a lot. Do not be stingy and take at least 16 GB, otherwise because of the slow operation of the device there is a chance to discourage all interest in learning useful programs.

The best processors to work with graphics showed themselves Intel. To ensure that your notebook is properly “pulled” Autocad and 3D-Max, be prepared to choose from a line of i5 and above.

A laptop for the student programmer

Here it all depends on what tasks and programs will be facing the students.

Of course, the main thing is performance. When choosing a budget laptop for a programmer, you can neglect the video card and the quality of the screen, but definitely not the processor.

Do we need games on the laptop for learning?

Opinions are divided, but it is better not to forget that computer games not only kill time but also develop the brain. And if your laptop allows, feel free to install and play! The main thing is to control yourself and not fall into a game addiction.

What laptop is better to choose and buy for the student who likes to play hard games? In this case, it is recommended to buy a separate device – the simplest and unpretentious. Otherwise, games on the study laptop will distract from the study, tempting at the lectures.

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